The music is about to stop for the first time in this game of musical chairs.

The game is on, very soon we will have 80 players vying for spots on our 53 man roster; there are also 8 free-agent spots on the practice squad. But all that doesn't happen until late August early September, in the meantime, we're still trying to pick up the 80 players that will be playing this game of musical chairs. As of today, we have 71 hopefuls. Their names and positions can be found on the left of the front page of Hogs Haven. The draft is coming up in less than a week, the Redskins have four picks. 71+4 equals 75, thus the Redskins will still look to add five additional players as free agents.



The front office has stated that they have a plan, but it is very hard for this observer to determine what it is exactly. I can only hope that this is by design, part of Mike Shanahan's smoke and mirrors campaign; if this is indeed the case, he's doing a masterful job. In the last three months the plan has appeared to be anything from a complete rebuild to more recently a win now plan; I don't see how you can call the signing of Donovan McNabb anything less than a win now strategy.


Depending on my frame of mind in the next few weeks this may become a series of posts where I try to delve into what the plan may be on offense and defense, or if the Redskins draft a quarterback next week, I will probably just be drunk for the next three weeks.


Right now it looks to me as though the Redskins want to win this season, to hell with rebuilding we are only a couple of players away from contending for a championship, let's go with that and see where we're at...



At the quarterback position-McNabb, Campbell, Grossman, Brennan, Bartel. Four of these will go to to camp, three will be on the 53 man roster. One of these guys is going to get cut or traded very soon, I think we all expect that Campbell will be traded for a draft pick in this year's draft.


At the tight end position-Cooley, Davis, Vickers, Ryan. All four of these will go to camp. Ryan and Vickers will compete for the lone blocking tight end spot. There is also the possibility that either Cooley or Davis will be traded for a draft pick or a player, but I would like to see us carry three tight ends.


At the running back position-Aldridge, Portis, Johnson, Parker, Hill. Hard to say what the plan is here, how many running backs are we going to have on the final roster? The only thing I can be confident of is that at least one of these will not be on that roster, but will there be another name added?


At the fullback position-Sellers. I'm completely clueless here, my guess is we keep Sellers, and we might use one of the blocking tight ends at this position also.


At the wide receiver position-Thomas, Robinson, Moss, Mitchell, Kelly, Armstrong. The question here seems to be how many receivers are we going to take to camp, and how many are we going to carry on the 53 man roster? There are some tradable names on here, but I really don't see how we would take fewer than six receivers to camp. I think the 53 man roster will have four or five.


At the center position-Lichtensteiger, Montgomery, Rabach, Edwin Williams, Sundberg. Wow, I don't think we'll be adding many more names to this list. Montgomery and Williams are the only ones who might also be able to play guard, I really think we're only going to see two of these guys make the team. My guess is Rabach and Montgomery.


At the guard position-Dockery is our only officially listed guard. We know that Reinhart and Mike Williams can play right guard, so that's three. Add to this list Ed Williams from the center position. You can also add Paul Fanaika and Artis Hicks. This is where the plan gets really smoky. Some of these guards can play other positions. Here are my guesses from this list-Dockery, Hicks, Williams, Reinhart.


At the tackle position-William Robinson, Clint Oldenburg, Stephon Heyer.


This for me is where rubber hits the road. The left tackle position is going to be very important if you're going to keep Donovan McNabb upright for 16 games. I don't feel that any names that have been mentioned to this point are up to this task, boy do I hope that Russell Okung is and will be available for us to draft. That still leaves us with the question of right tackle. I think Heyer will make the team this year, and that either he or Hicks will be the starter. That still leaves us with nothing for depth, we need to add another quality tackle either through the draft or free agency. Since we have declined all of the free agent tackles  so far to come through Redskins Park, I have to believe that the plan is to draft two tackles.

If this isn't the plan, then I am officially worried about this front office. Regardless, I am worried about the effectiveness of the offensive line, and how that is to be addressed now and into the future.


I've glanced at the defensive side of the ball, and there are some worrying situations there as well. Special teams also has some holes.


I hope this  illustrated sufficiently the holes this team has and why talking about acquiring a player like Brandon Marshall, for this team right now, is pure lunacy or Vinny-esque.




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