Shanahan HAS to Win This Battle of Wills

I think their needs to be awareness that Shanahan has to win the battle over Haynesworth right now.  There are a few reasons why one would side with #92.  He came here to play a certain kind of defense, and he has certain style that has given him success in the past. He knows how to do his thing and be successful.  This doesn't really mean much when you consider he was paid handsomely to play for this team.  A person with a contract that size just doesn't garner much sympathy when that kind of money is thrown at him.

However, this team and organization needs to win this battle of wills for a number of reasons.  

First, the X's and O's: Most good defenses are scheme-based.  They aren't reliant on 11 of the best players out there (a concept that this team may be realizing about 13 years too late).  So AH's usefulness is decreasing by the year.  

Secondly, with all the defenses looking at the 3-4 or some hybrid, he needs to embrace this type of defense simply for job security.  

Thirdly, he has no idea exactly what style of 3-4 we will run.  This may be my biggest issue with all of this.  He came out and said that he wouldn't play it before he ever knew what they were going to do.  He has no idea what his role will be in this defensive scheme.  Not only was he ignorant before, but he is making no effort to learn it by not showing up to minicamp this weekend.  To me, this is a no brainer.  He should be there and figuring out what his role would be in this defense.  This just shows me that he is trying to big-time the coach and strong arm his way into whatever position he wants.  He has to understand that he is not bigger than the team and the rest of the team needs to see that he isn't treated as such.

As for what Shanahan should do, it is very simple here.  I see Shanahan giving Albert four options:  

These options should be given in a meeting at Redskins park where Shanahan does all the things that smaller men do in meetings to exude dominance.  He should have a chair that is slightly higher and make sure that he is talking louder.  He should let AH know who the boss is around here.  There was a very complacent attitude in this franchise and big-money guys have been allowed to go out in the media and cry and whine about everything without repercussions.  Shottenhiemer tried to put an end to it with Dion Sanders and honestly did everything he could.  It was the contract that allowed Sanders to get over on him.  (The funny thing is that Shottenheimer got him back years later when Sanders wanted to come back, as he went through waivers, Shotty claimed him off waivers so he couldn't sign anywhere else.)  But between Portis and everybody doing what they want to every year, Shanny has to put an end to it at the first opportunity and that time has come.  This just has to happen.  It is the first and most vital step to legitimizing this team.  Any group of players that comes in here has to know their place on the team.

The proposal that can be put to AH is this:

1)  You apologize to the coaching staff and to the fans, shut up and play.  This has to include all of these aspects.  Nothing will sell this option without other players seeing that AH has to apologize for putting himself over the team.   This is unacceptable and shouldn't ever be part of the offseason.

2) You can pay all the money back and walk away.  We have already paid this guy a ton of money.  I don't understand where people say cutting him will teach him or anyone else a lesson.  He will have been paid $32 million for 12 games.  I'd take that any day.  The only way, he gets out of this team is to cut a check for the entire amount and walk away.  Otherwise there is no lesson being taught and the team would be doing itself a disservice.

3) My favorite: Sit there!  We have already paid him the money, why would we cut him?  He can remain on the roster and never suit up for any games.  He can complain about having to play in the 3-4 defense all he wants with all the time he will have.  Will he show up for practice?  Will he show up for games?  Will he learn the playbook?  Who cares?  This is not fiscally ideal, but it certainly would send the message.  When faced with the choice of cutting him, paying him all of the money and then he has the chance to go out and be successful somewhere else, possibly playing against us, I just cant see that as the preferable option.  So since we already paid him the money, why not just tell him to go out and get a good chair and TV so he can watch all the games that he won't be playing on a nice TV.

4) Trade him for a high draft pick and possibly multiple picks.  I didn't originally want this but because Shanny didn't write his contract and we've already heard that Allen say he would never pay anyone $100 million in this day and age.   So, I guess with the possibility to stock some picks and rebuild, I would let him go that way too.

Obviously, I would prefer option 1, but let's not count out options 3 or 4 as next choice.  The important thing here is that for Shanny to truly start this team going in the right direction, he has to win this battle of wills.  This will set the rest of the team in the right direction and get them all on the same page and working together as equals out there.

What option do you vote for? 

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