Tiller's Dollars and Cents: Russell Okung = "Young" Chris Samuels

You all thought I was anti Okung didn't you?  We'll, I'm not.  I was just very pro Bradford, that is until we picked up Super Man with a Deviated Septum(aka Donny McNabb).  Yes it has taken me over a week to get used to the idea, but now that I've had some time to reflect, I think I kind of like it.  It's almost like getting a root canal; at first, the thought of it makes you sick, but you know there is a problem with that tooth that just can't be ignored, so after you finally go to the dentist, and get shot-up with some good novacaine, you don't feel a thing.  After the root canal is over, it kind of hurts, but the pain meds the doc gave you just kind of take all that away.  After about a week, you can eat steak again without discomfort, so you began to realize that all the pain was worth it,  just so you can be happy once again.


But enough with the McNabb talk.  It's time to move on to bigger and better things; The NFL Draft!



Now, so as not to upset the delicate nature and balance of this proud fan base, please take note that I entered the word "Young" in front of the name Chris Samuels in the title of my post.  You know me; I really don't care who I offend by my thoughts and opinions, but I figured since we are all a little on edge around here with all of the latest drama, why stir the pot.  So before all the crack heads come in and say "how in the hell can you compare one of the greatest offensive linemen the Redskins ever had to a guy who has never played a down of football in the NFL", please try to look at this objectively.


OK, so here is the meat and potatoes.


Standing at 6-5 325lbs, Chris Samuels was a 4 year starter at the University of Alabama, where he manned the left side of the line for 42 consecutive games.  In those 42 game, he did not allow a sack; let me repeat, He Did Not Allow A Sack!  As a senior in 1999, Samuels won the Outland Trophy given to the nations most outstanding interior linemen.  He was also a semifinalist for the Lombardi Award, and was voted First-Team All American.  His collegiate honors helped him to become the 3rd pick in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft.  He started at left tackle as a rookie, and the rest is history.


Moving Forward One Decade.

Standing at 6-5 307lbs, Russell Okung was a 4 year starter for the University of Oklahoma St.  He started out at right tackle during his freshmen year, but moved to left tackle his sophmore year.  In all he started 47 game for the Cowboys.  Okung was a two time All-American(2008 and 2009), and finished 2nd to Nebrask's Ndamukong Suh for the 2009 Outland Trophy.  He was also the only offensive lineman to be named a finalist for the Lombardi Award in 2009, and was voted The Big 12 Offensive Linemen of the year by the coaches.  He is considered the top offensive tackle prospect in the 2010 draft.


Now in the 2000 NFL Draft, the Redskins moved up to the 3rd spot to select Chris Samuels.  This year the Redskins hold the 4th spot in the draft, and may be poised to take Okung.


We can only hope that if this happens, Okung can learn for Samuels, who is now a offensive line intern for the Redskins, and become the player that Samuels was for a decade in the Burgundy and Gold.


If you ask me, drafting Russell Okung at the #4 spot in the 2010 NFL draft makes cents.

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