Terrific Skins Article/Column, whatever you wanna call it

I have no idea how Tom Boswell is liked or disliked in the DC area, to me he embodies many of the things that are great about sportswriting, (the touch of nostaligia with the hard edged cycnicsm) and he is one of the ones that shows there can be true quality when writing about Sports, but if others feel different I can understand, I mean he gave the Nats the benefit of the doubt for far too long for one thing.


but this article sort of somes up the feelings of this site I think

some highlights from the piece for thos who can not be bothered to read it all



On the change in FA strategy

A team that doesn't covet Julius Peppers or Karlos Dansby, but wants to sign an offensive tackle instead, would be a welcome novelty in this town. The NFL's two gaudiest free agents, neither of whom plays a position where the Redskins have major needs, have already signed, and the burgundy and gold didn't so much as twitch to grab their Big Checkbook of First Resort.

I just love this line, the first sentence in particular, and its nto even me who gets gouged,

Spending to win is good. Wasting money, then making it back from your customers, isn't. Will the Redskins' new coach and general manager help Daniel Snyder, their open-handed but impatient owner, learn the difference?

 its you guys, remember the Skins make a PROFIT, so whenever you say, yeah pay him its only Snyders money, ITS NOT, it is your money, if the SKins made a loss then yeah, its Dans money, but if its a profit its yours



This part I just like


Nothing has been more encouraging in recent days than the first hints that the Redskins may have a better touch under Shanahan at knowing how to show respect -- but not too much -- to those who deserve it, such as Jason Campbell, and display a firm glare -- but not an insult -- to those, such as Clinton Portis, who need it.



The most Sensible take on the Jason Campbell position, and probably the closest to how Shanahallen are thinking


By tendering Campbell with a No. 1 pick -- not a No. 1 and No. 3 pick -- the Redskins found the right balance. This implies the Redskins value Campbell's stoic contributions under fire and are willing to pay him $3.1 million next year. They are reasonably comfortable with him being their 2010 quarterback.

But it also signals to other teams that the Redskins aren't wildly wedded to Campbell. With their tender strategy, the Skins have said, "We'd probably take a No. 1 pick for him and not match a rival team's offer. But, you never know, we might take less."

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