Trent Williams is a better/ safer pick then Russell Okung, period end of discussion...

It seems pretty clear that based on this past season and the NFL combine, that Trent Williams is the best left tackle available. I am comparing Okung, Williams and Campbell.  Lets get this started by taking a look at the combine numbers. If I don't list them that means they either did not participate or were outside of the top 10- 13 players on that drill.

40yd dash / Campbell 4.85, Williams 4.88, Okung 5.17 

bench 225 reps / Okung 38, Campbell 34, (Williams not in the top ten)

Vertical jump / Williams 34.5 , Campbell 32.0, Okung DNP

Broad jump / Williams 9' 6", Okung DNP

3 Cone Shuttle / Campbell 7.58, Okung DNP 

 20 yd shuttle / Williams 4.63, Campbell 4.69, Okung DNP

By looking at the game film and analyzing the combine numbers what does this tell you ? In LJP's opinion it tells me that Okung has a powerful upper body but, he has slower feet, not as coordinated, lacks explosiveness etc etc . If he goes up against pro caliber linemen with similar upper body strength he will get folded up in the QB's lap. Is it not alot harder to gain coordination and foot quickness, then it is gaining some extra reps on your bench?  Being 2 tenths of a second slower is multiple yards slower on a football field.  

Now lets take a look at Campbell. What does his numbers and game film tell you? In LJP's opinion it tells me that he has almost everything you would want in a LT. I would say he is a little behind Williams when it comes to leg strength and explosiveness. But based on his film versus, his ability he just lacks good coaching which Mike Shanahan will give him. This guy is the complete package lacking coaching on some technique issues. How coachable is he?

Now lets take a look at Wiliams. What does his numbers and game film tell you? in LJP's opinion it tells me that he is the best all around period. He just needs to sleep on a bench (press) until the season starts. He has great leg strength, speed, exsplosiveness, quick feet, coordination well coached, etc, etc etc. Like I said put him on a bench and he will be able to make every block required and some. This guy will be a super stud period end of story.    

Trent Williams is a better run blocker then Okung is. This guy has great feet and by working on his upper body watchout. He can also play mutiple positions on the OL, because of his quickness. He is a can't miss O- Linemen.     

I say lets draft Trent Williams and let him and Orakpo become workout partners. The only thing he is lacking is some good supplements. (wink, wink) LOL  


Please watch the video below the first one will be of Williams, second Okung and last Campbell.

  Also take in consideration that most of the film on Okung is of him going up against guys 40 plus Lbs smaller then him. LOL

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