Redskins Draft Option: Colt McCoy a 'Sam Bradford Lite'?

Sam Bradford won't be there at #1, and the more I look into Colt McCoy, the better I think he fits the Redskins for a signal caller. Why? The Redskins can use the #4 pick to fill the gaping hole at LT and then draft a great QB in the 2nd. History shows the first QBs are not always the best, and the Redskins are not in a situation to gamble this mightily. If they trade up and are wrong about Bradford, kiss the next 5 years good bye (no 1st pick 2011 pick). What makes a lot more sense is drafting Okung and then Colt. Look at the stats:

Sam Bradford

Colt McCoy








2 years (31 starts)

4 years (54 starts)


Decision making
Pocket awareness

Accuracy on move
Throws well under pressure



Poor backside vision at times

Compl %




14.4 (2008)

10.6 (2009)
11.6 (2008)

Bradford's accuracy all over the field is what deservingly makes him the #1 pick. Both QBs have experience under center despite being in the spread offense, but my concern for Bradford is that he played behind a great offensive line: a luxury he won't have in DC for multiple years (so let's not go down that path again). It's much easier to evaluate a QB when you see how he handles pressure, and Colt has had that.  

If Colt is on the board early in the second, what's not to like? He fits that mold of a Drew Brees type using mobility to see the field. Throwing on the run is a requirement in DC, not a nice to have. Here are some examples of "stud" QBs drafted early where the later picked proved more valuable:

2000 - Pennington (1st round), Brady (6th)
2001 - Vick (1st round), Brees (2nd)
2002 - David Carr (1st), David Garrard (4th)
2003 - Palmer (1st), Romo (undrafted)
2004 - Losman (1st), Schaub (3rd)
2005 - Alex Smith (early first), Rodgers (late first)

Okung and McCoy...a good 1-2 punch? Having a QB with some mobility will certainly come in handy the next couple years as the Redskins re-build their OLine from within.

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