2010 All-Linemen Draft

For those of you who feel we should wait a year or two to address the QB position in the draft, I have put together my all-linemen 2010 NFL Draft Board.  Keep in mind this will not address any other position than O-line.  It is designed to give you a look at projections, and positions avaliable throughout all 5 rounds that the Redskins select in.

These are my projections of players who may be avaliable in these respective rounds.  Keep in mind, this is just my guess.

RD 1

Russell Okung  OT (LT) OK. ST.  6-5  307

Trent Williams  OT(LT,RT)  Oklahoma  6-5  315

Bryan Bulaga  OT(LT,RT)  Iowa  6-5 314

Anthony Davis  OT(LT)  Rutgers  6-5 323

**I did not put Bruce Campbell in here because I don't believe he should even be in consideration for our #4, yet I do believe he will be gone in the first, so I didn't add him to my 1/2nd tweeners either.  If he did slide into the 2nd, I wouldn't hesitate to draft him there.


1st-2nd RD Tweeners

Charles Brown  OT(LT)  USC  6-5  303

Maurkice Pouncy  C/G  Florida  6-4  304

Mike Iupati  G/RT  Idaho  6-5  331

**I truely don't expect either Pouncy or Iupati to fall into the 2nd, however if they do, either one would be a great pick.  I'm hoping Brown will fall, but I'm having my doubts on him too.


2nd RD

Vladimir Ducasse  T/G  UMass  6-4  332

Roger Saffold  OT(LT, RT)  Indiana  6-5  316

**if C Brown or M Pouncy were avaliable at our 2nd round spot, it would ba a no-brainer.  If both are gone, I believe Saffold or Ducasse would be the only other worthy options here.


4th RD

Ciron Black  OT/G(RT)  LSU  6-4  327

Edwin Veldheer  OT(RT)  Hillsdale  6-8  312

Selvish Capers  OT(LT)  West Virginia  6-5  308

Sam Young  OT(RT)  Notre Dame  6-7  316

Mike Johnson  G  Alabama  6-5  312

Kyle Calloway  OT(RT)  Iowa  6-6  323

**the depth of the o-line class really starts to show later in this draft.  I feel we can't go wrong with any of these guys if they are around in the 4th.


5th RD

Jason Fox  OT(RT)  Miami  6-6  303

Tony Washington  OT(RT, LT)  Abilene Christian  6-6  311

Eric Olsen  C/G  Notre Dame  6-4  306

Jeff Byers  C/G  USC  6-3  301

Mitch Petrus  G  Arkansas  6-3  310

**Fox would be my favorite in the 5th.  I still believe he is 2nd rd talent, but the injury concerns will hurt his stock.  Tony Washington is an interesting prospect, and I suspect he will be avaliable here due to his off-field troubles. I would definitly see good value in either Olsen or Byers at the C/G spot.


7th RD

Dennis Landolt  G/OT   PSU  6-4  303

Matt Kopa  OT/G  Stanford  6-5  300

Mike Tepper  OT/G  Cal.  6-5  324

**Pretty much a crap-shoot here.  Who know though, we may find a diamond in the rough.


Below is my ideal Line-men Only Draft.  I tried to keep this as realistic as possible without projecting huge reaches or drops by certain players.


1 - Russell Okung  LT

2- Vladimir Ducasse RT

4- Mike Johnson  G

5 - Jeff Byers  C

7 - Dennis Landolt  G/T

**out of this draft, I believe there could be 2 early contributers: Okung should start at LT, and Ducasse could push for playing time at either RG, or RT.  Byers could be groomed as Rabach's replacement at C for 2011, and Johnson could be an upgrade at G over Dock in 2 years.  Landolt could be a project, but his ability to play both T and G spots could be an assett that helps him make the team.


This is my "if the stars all alligned" draft:

1 - Russell Okung  LT

2 - Maurkice Pouncy  C

4 - Ciron Black  RT/G

5 - Jason Fox  RT

7 - Tony Washington  LT(due to a high slide)


I know the staff will never take all O-linemen in the draft, but thia could give us an idea of what type of talent may be avaliable at our picks.

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