Front Office Suggestions

From no one else but me (mr.snyderhireme) hire me.

I'm probably going to be all over the place with this one....but bear with me people.  First off, I would like to tell you guys half of the mock drafts you see are completely wrong.  I have a a better one:

Rams- They select Bradford.  They've been drafting top lineman every year...this year with no QB and a need for a face of the franchise they definately go QB whether its clausen or bradford, most likely bradford....especially if his shoulder seems to be healed.  Additionally advice I would have for the Rams is to trade Steven Jackson for picks.

Lions- They go Okung.  With a young top drafted QB as their investment, there's no other way to protect that investment accept for getting a premier LT.  Plus they want to get their running game improved which Okung can also improve.  Not to mention they've already added defensive help in free agency.

Bucs- This is where i may be wrong but they go with Mcoy.  Mcoy fits there defense better and he's a better inside pass rusher than Suh.  He also has a better injury record.

Skins- If I am right with the above picks... I am sure and would be estatic that we go with Suh.  All the hype this guy had since 07 is well deserved and legit.  He's bust free....and you can tell just by looking at the guy that he won't except to be anything other than great.  I would bypass every need we have to get Suh and I will not consider trading down in this postion either (want more picks trade Cooley, JC, or even Landry)


Another area I would like to address is the quality of this draft overall.  This is probably the deepest draft in a long time in multiple important postions such as o-lineman and pass rushers.  If there is any a time to maximize picks its this year and by maximizing I mean trading.  We only have 5 picks and have trade bait to get more....such as Cooley just to name one.


Player who I think we should have on our radar if we was to get Suh at #4:

Jonathon Crompton (Qb):  Ended the season like one of the best QB's in college; a gamble but if he's there in later rounds I say he's worth the gamble.

Dexter McCluster(WR,HB):  Small but a definite play maker whether it be on offense or kick returner.

Jared Veldheer (OT):  One of the those small school underrated guys but a sleeper.

Jason Fox (OT):  A late rounder that could start right away.

Ed Wang (OT): Another super late rounder that has major potential.

Mike Johnson (G): Probably will go in the 2nd round and he could start right away.

Jeff Byers (G):  Undersized but smart.

Greg Boone (G):  Super late round sleeper

Corey Wooton (DE):  Dude is like 6'6 280 and as athletic as they come, injury prone but everbody has a little Al Davis in them.  Probably a second rounder,

Greg Hardy (DE):  One of the best pass rushers in the draft, also a second rounder.

Travis Ivey (DT):  Nose guard, late late sleeper out of Maryland.

Eric Norwood (LB):  Can do it all but probably goes in the late first or early second.

Kion Wilson (LB):  Speedy LB

Roddrick Mackelroy (LB): With everyone talking about about sergio, he's a sleeper under the radar at Texas.


I could go on bu this is just to name a few...of course its no way we could get all the best prospects but this draft is sooooooo deep that late round picks will probably exceed their draft postions and this is why I think trading and manuevering to get more picks this year in this draft could make our franchise elite for years to come.

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