How much does Mike Shanahan like Sam Bradford?

How much does Mike Shanahan like Sam Bradford? For him, it may be worth trading up to the first overall pick. This might not be as 'painful' as you think, considering the circumstances:

Jim Haslett obviously still has strong connections with the St. Louis organization having just worked there.

Now we've heard 'rumors' that the Redskins has been in trade talks with St. Louis regarding Adam Carriker, an obvious fit at 34DE (not 43DT).

Feeling out of place too, Andre Carter would be an obvious upgrade to the St. Louis offensive line now that Chris Long  has been playing more DT (Little's on the other end). 

I'm not sure he's "disgruntled", but All-Pro Free Safety OJ Atogwe has been tendered at the lowest possible tender. The "right to first refusal" tender means no compensatory pick are required. An intelligent, center-fielder ballhawk would be a welcomed addition to our secondary (Make it pretty perfect, IMO). I'm not sure how they can work his rights into a trade, but I'm sure there are lawyers out there who can.

The Rams are pretty much QB-less. Needless to say, they'd like to change that before the season starts. A matured and experienced signal caller may be a better fit that a wet-eared rookie. We have Jason Campbell, who would appreciate a team that has a star running back and recent additions to bolster their offensive line. There were rumors that St. Louis was looking at Donovan McNabb earlier this off-season. Obvious ethnic similarities aside, I think Jason and Donovan have very similar skill-sets.

Also from the rumor mill; Alex Barron was benched last year and is said to be on the trading block. He has all the physical tools at 6'7 300lbs, maybe he just needs a change of scenery? Last time I checked, our offensive line still needed a tackle (or two. or three).

Now it's possible that this is all speculation and no trade will occur, but that's a lot of available trade-material to work with. So the question remains:

How much does Mike Shanahan like Sam Bradford?



Looking for a late-round prospect to get hyped about? Micah Johnson, 6'2, 255lbs ILB from Kentucky would make a great depth addition to a newly schemed offense. Obviously you'll be able to find some negatives on him, but who wants those? Bring on the youtube highlight clips!  and a good scouting report. He projects to go around 6th round.

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