Cool Breeze

Chris Cooley is a baller! He's within the top five TE's in the NFL if you asked me (and since I'm writing this post, let's just pretend that you did, mmkay?). But as much as I love the guy, here are my reasons for trading him now.

1.) Offensively, he has been one of our most consistent play makers, especially when Joe Gibbs was running the show. He had a knack for finding the open field and making big plays out of virtually nothing. But, he's coming off of a major leg injury. We speak a lot about Moss, whom my friend CJHutch feels that he's lost a step due to hampstrings, but we really don't know if Cooley himself will return to his 08 form.

2.) Fred Davis got the opportunity to see the field and he made the most of it. In the Sherm Lewis offense, he played execptionally well and showed inprovements on a weekly basis. There were times I was watching the games and I wanted the ball to go to Davis before going to Thomas. Call me crazy, but his second half of the season knack for finding the endzone should carry over into next season. It's not just enough for him to catch the ball. He's actually developing into a surprise Red Zone target.

3.) Two bulls in the ring. Two talented TE's. One who's proven, yet coming off of a major injury. The other who 's proving himself and shows a lot of potential to "get er done". Davis was drafted in the second round just two short years ago, so the likelyhood of him being traded is slim. I stated before, that this is like having Kobe Bryant and LeBron James on the same team: There's just not enough balls to go around. It would be different if one were a legitimate receiver, and the other was a TE. But they both play the same position, and even if we line them up in 2 TE sets, one of their stats will suffer and I'll refer back to this post. Which brings us to...

4.) Trade Value for Cooley would maximize our opportunity to fill another need with a higher calibre player. If you trade Moss for a potential 3rd rounder, you'll "hypothetically" get a player worth 3rd round skillsets. It may be "depth" at another postition, but you'll be thinning yourself out at reciever. Afterall, the only WR that's seen legitimate playing time on our current roster, would be Devin Thomas, a second year player (technically third, but his rookie season was awful. I stand by 2nd). Malcolm Kelly, Marko Mitchell, haven't played much at all last year, and though I expect a big improvement from Kelly, I'm still crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes hoping that it happens.

Contrarily, if you trade Cooley, you can get an impact player for him and already know what Fred Davis is capable of. We can get a second round calibre player to add more lineman. OR, since we just lost Foote to Pittsburgh, get a LB for the soon-to-come 3-4. You just have more opportunities with a Cooley trade than you do with a Moss.

5.) Keeping Cooley now, means we'll be talking about trading ONE of them by next year sometime. Everyone's been asking the second rounders of 08 to step up, and Davis is showing signs of just that. To inject Cooley to the full time TE position, is a step back for Davis. Something's got to give.


So, what are your thoughts? Shout out to the regulars: CJHutch, Tills, BayArea, CarverM, H Money, Milcmann, Kevin E, Sugar, Rekka  and even the controversial, LJP. (Damn, now I feel like I just shot a rap video...)

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