Long Term Planning

One of the advantages of having a Superbowl Ring or 2 or on your fingers, and coming in after the Zorn debacle is that Shanahan should have minimum 3 or 4 years to start building his Washington Identity and team.  This means that he does not have to do everything in Year one or two like Zorn had too, and this means he can afford to be slow and methodical in his process, a process designed not for One  Free Agent and Veteran led glory Season, but instead builds for a decade of sustained Division winning success, to do this any team needs a Solid Line, a quality QB and top notch Defense.  Gimmicks can give you one overachieving Season, but sustained success requires these fundamentals.


With this in mind that means entering this draft, the ShanaAllen combo can afford to plan long term


One option this opens up, is that if they do not beleive in any of the QB's in this draft class, they can afford to trade picks for Future year picks.


For instance, Pick 37 is going to be sitting their for nearly 20 hours after the 1st Rd is concluded, if some team when re-jigging their Draft Board sees a player still available who they really want, they may be prepare to trade their 2011 1st Rd pick for our Pick 37, now assuming we took Okung, we could then make that trade opening up the option to take Jake Locker in 2011, as we would then have 2 1st Rounders to use to trade up if we have a mediocre season, or if we have a terrible Season Locker may be there when we pick anyway, and we would have another 1st Rounder for BPA.


Now alternatively, JC may thrive in Shanny's system this year, and the need for Locker would not exist, in this scenario we still have 2 First Rounders next year to use on a top class 3-4 style NT if we are committed to this switch, and a top level Skill position player/Another Linemen to solidify this area


 meaning we would have a Thriving JC directing an offense with a potentially great RB or WR, or awesome protection, with Okung and 2011 First Rounder bookends, and this is the exciting bit


a Defensive front


With 2011 First Rounder at the nose, and Big Al and Jarmon as 3-4 DE's, with B-Rak and Carter coming behing them attacking the Line of Scrimmage


The other option is if Seattle want Clausen, we can let them trade up to our Spot for their 1st Rounder this year plus their 2011 First Round pick, that way with pick 6 or I think its 17 (their other First Rounder) we take one of the OT's from what is meant to be a fairly even and quality group after Okung, then we have a shot at Locker next year as I cant see a Clausen led Seattle setting the world on fire this year.


Then the same scenario plays as above, with JC or Locker being one of our QB, but we then use our other 1st Rd Pick next year (if we dont need to trade up for Locker) on O-Line definitly as we wont have Okung, and we may need to shift the lower rated Tackle from this season to Right, and use the 2011 player at LT if he is better


The main point of this, is that it is long term thinking, now injuries or FA next year (never mind the CBA and lockout issues) may tweak this a bit, but my main point is I think if the option exists, we should try and trade either our 2nd Rd pick this year, OR, let a team with like Seattle trade up, giving us their 2011 First Rounder to open up the Locker option, whilst giving Campbell a chance to show Shanny what he can do.


This is the fairest way in my opinion and should keep JC lovers and haters happy, no-one to my knowledge is crazy about this years first round QB options, this way of approaching the draft, gives Campbell a chance to prove himself, gets us a Quality tackle in this draft, and gives us the option to go for the highly rated QB Locker next year if Campbell does show he is not up to the task in Shanahans system.



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