My ideal Redskins 3-4 defense for 2010.....

Soooo with the FA period really lax for the Washington Redskins it has left alot of  the fans curious,impatient, and imaginative as to what this new team will look like. As for myself i haven't been satisfied with a Redskins season since i lived down the street from RFK. But anyways in my bordem and curiosity i've read countless, blogs listened to every expert and fan opinion as to which direction the Skins should and should not go in on both sides of the ball. And for one i figured hey why not put in my two cents as a fan eff it.


From what i can see and read about it is pretty imminent or apparent that we as Skins fans are gearing up for a season as a 3-4 defense or some high speed form of it. Now in saying that i approve of the decisions so far on the defensive side of the ball and i think i'll add one or two. The Skins i believe have a pretty solid base at defense that despite the 10 player cuts we made have stayed i think that means after evaluation and plenty of film watching its pretty safe to say they are either waiting for camp to make more cuts or they like what we have and just want to add to fit in with there new scheme. Now we all speculated and wondered about Peppers and Rolle and Dansby but i for one didnt really think we needed any of them to be honest even though one of the three is an exceptional talent i shouldnt have to say who....i think that after we re-signed Daniels and added Ma`ake there are at least two more players i believe should be looked at.



I say O.J. Atogwe and also Andra Davis who just got released from the Denver Broncos.



I'll explain Andra first. Well for one i think he is a damn solid LB on the inside. He isn't flashy money hungry and it would seem as though he would fit into the caliber of player we want here for the skins. Now i thought about this and i said to myself what about Rocky McIntosh and i read that he is willing to be flexible and play at another LB spot. Now here are some stats that stand out to me for Andra....



Over his eight seasons played he has averaged 64.5 tackles a season.

In the seasons he has played all 16 games in (6/8) he has averaged 63.8 tackles a season.

He has 12 sacks in his career and 3.5 sacks in 09'

And in the last two seasons he has been in on 90 tackles in both.


In saying that i think that those are numbers well worthy of lining up next to Fletch in the middle. I think in signing Andra we we get a very consistent,DURABLE,bargained since that seems to be our direction this off season, and solid cover LB and solid tackler and run stopper to compliment London. I think as a Skins fan we need all those things in our defense. We all know that Fletch in his seasons with the skins has made a 100,96 and 95 tackle efforts after watching us not be able to tackle last year thats exactly what we need in the middle two proven veteran TACKLERS, guys who will swarm to the ball and make sure they get there man. Since the 2007 season London Fletcher is accounted for 403 tackles Andra just sayin put these guys in the middle to stop rushing attacks and you can not be let down because of arm tackling, and those missed hit stick tackles Landry is famous for nowadays. Redskins fans imagine a defense with those two stopping the run game to a halt and putting our versatile guys a-la Orakpo and Rocky at our OLB's with the acquisition of one person who doesn't require us to pay Dansby money!! how effective could it be to leave the outside to two guys who can either play DE/OLB truly and let Fletch and Davis control the coverages while they terrorize offensive line blocking schemes. And here is the good part.


Ma`ake is a 6-5 345 lb legitimate NT and to his right will be all 6-6 350 lbs of the athletic Haynesworth. These to alone will command double teams and leave gaping holes in O-Lines for our guys to make pro-bowl stat sheets with. My point is our front seven could be deadly with what i believe one player and the right schemes and execution. Andre Carter would get freed up alot more because of it which makes it even better. Pressure on the QB is probably the key on defense for any team we can have it to.


Now to discuss this safety issue...


Horton is the man...after watching him and seeing fan responses he was one of the most favorable guys to follow last year on a forgettable season. Now i know everyone is sick of Laron after last year and want our last line of defense to actually be able to make those INT's and those game saving just like JC i believe this is his last chance to prove he desereves to be a starter on this what i am proposing is a slight im going to make it short and sweet fans...again Horton is the man...but there is just a wee bit more in experience i think he needs no big deal at all just some more playing make that move for O.J. ..... Atogwe that is and seeing as how Landry has struggled at FS we move him back to his (air quotations"natural position") just like a job interview he has his chance to make his case for the job back there with a proven player like O.J.....its simple we see the same things from last year he sits.....Horton takes that spot at FS or SS whatever they feel necessary to work best...and we can't lose.....Atogwe & Horton ...Laron sits....everybody is happy in Redskin Land with two signings!!



Andra Davis & O.J.  Atogwe!!!!!

the end.




p.s. defense wins championships.

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