Skins 2010 Draft (as I would do it) :1st Edition

This is my pre-combine Skin mock for 2010. I wanted to add more picks to get the players I think the team could use so I took it upon myself to make some moves. I traded the #4 pick to the Bills for their #9 and 3rd rd selection. Buffalo is desperate for a QB. They are a frugal team, but I need to get out of 4 so I threw the trade chart away. I also traded the  #37th pick to Carolina for their  #47th and 4th rd selection. Carolina has no 1st rd pick, and they need help in multiple areas so I think they would jump into a higher slot for their 1st pick of the draft. The trade chart is outdated, and so I disregarded it to get an extra pick. I have 2-4th round picks and 7 overall for the 7 rounds.

I did not draft a QB because there are too many questions with this whole class, and I wanted to fill as many holes as possible this year. I also did not get anyone in the secondary as I just needed more picks.

These are the players I have targeted to build  a foundation for the future.  Each player has their own negatives, but I won't include them as teams never do either. All of the commentary comes verbatim from professional scouts. Please respond with your own opinions and views.


1st Round #9 : Anthony Davis-LT-Rutgers: 6'6", 325 Lbs.

                                   A physically gifted athlete with unlimited potential. Powerful pass blocker with quick feet who locks up defenders and stifles them upon contact. Dominating run blocker who looks to push his man not into the ground but through it. Wins at the point of attack with a strong punch.

My opinion: Needs the occasional kick in the @$$. He must show up at the combines at 320-325Lbs. If not disregard this pick. DeMarcus Ware: 'meet dirt'.


2nd Round #47 : Dexter McCluster-Wr/Rb/Kr-Mississippi: 5'7",165 Lbs.

                                 Can line up anywhere in any formation and when he is in the open field, it's over. There are few players in football as exciting as he is.

My opinion: Not an every down back, 3rd down, occasional wildcat, kick & punt returner. Needs to run a sub 4.44 and show good upper and lower body strength at combines. A  gamechanger  the skins have never had.


3rd Round #74 : Geno Atkins-DT-Georgia: 6'1",290 Lbs.

                                 Very fast with brute physical strength who can make plays up and down the line. High motor with excellent ability to penetrate.

My opinion: Has the speed, quickness, and strength to play end in a 3-4 if team makes switch. Needs to run a sub 5 and show excellent strength at combine. A poor man's Gerald McCoy.


4th Round # 101 : John Jerry-RG-Mississippi: 6'5",332 Lbs.

                               A bruiser and a workhorse who doesn't miss games. Very physical player and a punishing run blocker who never quits a play.

My opinion: Good bloodlines as his brother starts for the Falcons. Needs to be at 325-330 lbs at combine. A true blue-collar road grader.


 4th Round # 109 : Jared Veldheer-RT-Hillsdale: 6'8",321 Lbs.

                          A giant tackle with athleticism, strength, quick feet, and speed.

My opinion:   Can play LT and G. Needs a sub 5-40, and very good upper and lower strength at combine.


5th Round # 132 :  Danny Batten-OLB- S.Dakota St. : 6'3",250 Lbs.

                              Projects as an outside backer who can play inside, finds cracks to penetrate and stuff the run. Good ability to get to the QB. Has good cover skills     

My opinion: Multi purpose player to put pressure on QB  and cover backs or end. Should be a quality special teams player. Look for a sub 4.7 and excellent cone/drill work. 


7th Round #199 : Aaron Pettrey-K-Ohio St. : 6'2", 200 Lbs.

                        Strongest kicker in a weak class, has good 50+ yd ability.    

My opinion: Look for consistant 50+ kicks at combine. Over 50%    


After the combines this entire list may get scrapped, but these are the players I have targeted for the 2010 Skins. Hopefully we will get many more lists, and we can learn more about these players before draft day. At least when their name gets called, we have an idea of who and what they are, and how they might  fit in.   Draft Day is awesome when you follow prospects, and know who is left on the board as your team gets called.           

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