How Soon We Forget...

It dawned on me this morning (actually, I thought about this a long time ago, I just never shared. I know...selfish, right?), with all the speculation in Washington about if Shanahan will select a QB with the #4 pick, that most of us have forgotten to examine what he was working with in Denver.

Most people think of one Hall of Fame QB when it comes to Shanahan's tenure, and then the eventual "rookie sensation" that he left the Child Coach to inherit. But how soon we forget about Jake Plummer. Now, that's not a name that jumps out at you. Not even a name that most would want associated with the word "quarterback" (or Core-ta-back, if you're Vince Young). But look at what was accomplished WITH Jake Plummer at the helm:

2003 -  Signed as a Free Agent, replaced Brian Griese. 91.2 QB Rating Lead the team to a Wild Card Berth (blown out by the Colts)

2004 - Broke John Elway's single season record for passing yards and passing touchdowns. Downside, also had 20 INT's. Lead team to second consecutive Wild Card Berth (and again, got it handed to them by the Colts)

 2005 - Recorded 229 passes without an interception. 13-3 record (#2 Seed in the AFC). First team to beat the PATS in past 11 postseasons. Lost the AFC Championship to the eventual champion Steelers.

2006 - Replaced by Jay Cutler as the starter after leading the team to a 7-4 record.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'd much rather Jason Campbell over Jake Plummer ANYDAY. Just goes to show you what can be accomplished with a not so heralded QB under Mike Shanahan's team. Now grant it, he won two Super Bowl's WITH John Elway (more credit should have gone to Davis for that, but hey, I'm just a guy...), but that team was still very much successful with an inconsistent, fly-by-night QB, who was surrounded by an offensive line and a running game.

So when Mike Shanahan says (regarding Campbell) " I like him" and he "thinks he can win with Jason Campbell", I tend to beleive he won't reach for a QB at #4 this year (maybe not even with next year's first round pick), and he'll stick with Campbell.

Hopefully, this is the last time I talk about this, because frankly, I'm getting tired. *Yawn*

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