Gamebreakers 101

The Redskins offense has been subpar as of recent. We can attribute this to many different things. We point our fingers at the various coaching staffs, Jason Campbell, the O-Line, Clinton Portis' lack of production since halfway through 08, and the list goes on and on. The important question is how do we fix this and move forward. In order to win we must simply score more points than the other team, easy enough right? LJP has time and again reminded us that our team lacks gamebreakers. Those players with the ability to score each and every time the ball is in their hands. Those players who can turn a game around in a single play. Is it time to adapt our roster to the ever adapting game? I put myself in LJP's shoes. I evaluated Joshua Cribbs (TLW if you will) and what he could bring to our team. And I believe I've come up with a radical new approach to scoring points and thus, by deduction, winning games. Strategy after the jump.

Game changers, game changers, and more game changers. How better to change a game? If we bulk up our team with these consistent game changers we ought to be able to rack up points left and right..

I propose we spend less time evaluating prospects and worrying about putting together some sort of offense. That's the old NFL. The new NFL revolves around specialty players that change games. My new plan focuses on special teams.

Let Offense Score Every return (LOSER for short).

For starters we sign TLW - Joshua Cribbs, a hands down Captain of the LOSER concept. But again, the more game changers in the LOSER system the better. I suggest we trade whoever it takes (as long as their from the offensive side of the ball) to attain Teddy Ginn Jr. (obvious LOSER - 2 kickoff return TD's in one game last year) and Devin Hester (former LOSER candidate who could be coached back to peak form if he would quit trying to play receiver, a soon to be obsolete offensive position) if at all possible.

Move two: Lure Dante Hall out of obscurity (I honestly don't know if he retired, fell off the face of the earth, is playing canadian ball or what). He was an obvious game breaker for the Chiefs, not unlike TLW and is a prime LOSER candidate. 

Move three: Bring in Steve Tasker or Brian Mitchell as the special teams coach. Preferably Brian Mitchell, this would give us some semblance of Gibbs 2.0, and would really emphasize we're leaving the Jim Zorn. Bugel most definitely wouldn't approve of this, which is likely why he was not retained.

Move four: Allow the defense to let the opposing team score several field goals per game. This would give us a definitive advantage. By allowing them to score 3 points, we would get a kick return where we almost assuredly get 6 points. By my math, that's roughly twice as much. Roughly. The installation of some sort of extra point team, obviously led by Hunter the Punter, could continue to amass points on hapless opponents.

Move five: Draft the best players to fit into our LOSER scheme. We need CJ Spiller with the #4 pick. McCluster in round 2. We could trade the rest of our draft picks for the LOSERs mentioned earlier (Ginn/Hester).

It seems fool proof, and with no need for an offense we have almost unlimited trading power to stack our roster with the best game changers to dominate the league. We are drafting a blueprint of the future here. I believe once these pieces all fall in to place it'll simply be a matter or racking up points and giving the gameball to the LOSER of the game.

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