Daily Slop: Redskins Are Going to 3-4 Defense

3-4 defense is coming to DC [CBS Sports]

Players have been told privately that it's coming.  "I think the 3-4 is a good fit," Haslett told reporters in a January teleconference. "Guys like (strong side linebacker Brian) Orakpo, he could really do it. (Defensive tackle Albert) Haynesworth could do it. (Middle linebacker) London (Fletcher) has done it before. (Weak side linebacker) Rocky (McIntosh) could do it. (Right end Andre) Carter could be a good rush linebacker, but he's a good defensive end, too."     

DeAngelo Hall to work out with Darrell Green [Skins Blog]
My first thought: Can the whole secondary go too?

Jason Campbell talks with Matt Mosley [espn]

About not throwing the ball down field enough: "I don't know how anyone can say something like that," said Campbell on Thursday. "Don't you think I wanted to throw the ball downfield? By the time I looked up, I was getting hit. I'm certainly hoping we have an opportunity to make some big plays next season."     

Titans C Kevin Mawae to hit open market [nfl.com]
At 29 years old he could be an upgrade from Rabach, though Casey is a locker room leader and the scheme caller for the Skins offenseDude is 39...not 29. Math Fail.

Meet new Redskins DL coach Jacob Burney (Video) [Skins Blog]

RG Brad Butler, 26 yo, shocks Bills and retires [espn]
Would rather work with Congressman Jack Kemp

Richard Seymour will get the franchise tag from OAK [espn]

Projected 1st round Ga Tech WR Demaryius Thomas breaks foot [espn]     

Bengals to use Matt Jones as Tight End? [nfl.com]

Woman in Cowboys jersey "harassed" by Philly TSA airport screeners (Video) [Yahoo]
While it's obvious she was pulled aside before going through the metal detectors, to say she was embarrassed because she was patted down in the glass area in front of everyone is LUDICROUS. Who hasn't gone through this. At least she's not the typical American these days to sue for millions of dollars.

Jimmy Johnson Goes long...


Wade Phillips doing the YMCA...

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