2010 Unrestricted Free Agent Watchlist

With free agency right around the corner, I wanted to post an Unrestricted Free Agent Watchlist so we can not only get some discussion about this, but also to familiarize everyone with some of the names we may be seeing on the radar soon. These are just a handful of players at different positions that I feel may either be a target, or a nice fit for our Skins.


Please note, that this is a "watchlist" not a "wishlist". I would hate to see an HH meltdown when Peppers and FA wishlist were mentioned in the same sentence.


Please add whomever you like to this list so we can discuss further.

RB - Leon Washington(Jets) 5-8 195  age 27 - Could be a dynamic playmaker in both the running and return game. Is coming off a broken leg, but should be fully healed by the spring.

RB - Willie Parker(Steelers) 5-10  209  age 29 - Isn't the lead back anymore in Pitt, but still has pleanty in the tank. is tough as nails, a great locker room guy, and still has that speed.

WR - Kevin Walter(Texans) 6-3  218  age 28 - A great possession WR, who knows Kyle Shanahan's system, and could be a great mentor for our young WR's.

OG - Rex Hadnot(Browns) 6-2 320  age 28  -  Started 16 of 16 games in 07, 15 of 15 on 08, and 6 0f 9 in 09.  Injury cut his season short.

OG - Mike Brisiel(Texans)  6-5  300  age 26  -  Started 16 of 16 games in 2008.  Started the first 5 game in 2009 before injury struck.  Very athletic big man.

OT - Brad Butler(Bills) 6-7  315  age 26  -  Started all 16 games in 07.  Started 13 of 13 games played in 08.  Started 2 games in 09 before injury.

NT - Ryan Pickett(Packers)  6-2  340  age 30  -  With the coming out party of BJ Raji, Pickett could be gone in GB.

NT - Aubrayo Franklin(49ers)  6-1  317  age 29  -  A very good player in a determined Defense under Coach Mike.

DE - Julius Peppers(Panthers)  6-7  283  age 30  -  One of the most dynamic defensive players in the NFL.

LB - Karlos Dansby(Cards) 6-4  250  age 29  -  Could play all the LB positions in either the 4-3 or 3-4.  Better used as an OLB due to his ability to play well in space.

LB - Angelo Crowell(Bucs)  6-1  246  age 28  -  Could be a nice MLB.

CB - Donta Robinson(Texans)  5-10  184  age 28  -  Has potential to be a shutdown corner opposite Hall. Is great in bump-and-run.

FS - Ko Simpson(Lions)  6-1  202  age 26  -  Good athlete, and big hitter.

FS - Ryan Clark(Pitt)  5-11  205  age 30  -  Could the one-time Redskin return to the Nations Capital for his swan song?

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