I'm more and more Flabergasted everyday

As many of you know, I have grown up in Australia (born In England) and I was delighted to discover this site DURING the season to have a better relationship with my team


So this is MY FIRST OFFSEASON listening to what the Redskins fanbase (who you are quite a representative sample of) have to say about what they want the team to do.




All Season, all we hear after every loss is,

"Cerrato screwed us by giving away picks for overpriced Vets"


"Snyders an idiot, overpaying every FA out there" and "Why cant we be more like the Patriots/Colts and build through the draft and be patient.


Well now we enter the Offseason and ALL OF YOU, are advocating this FA and that FA and basically everyone who is potentially on the market we want from FS's to LB's to EVEN DEFENSIVE TACKLES

 mmmm let me explain something, we have HAynesworth and Orakpo, maybe DT or DE isnt a place we really need to invest a lot of resources right now.... but that is not really the point


The point is, you are all as bad as Snyder, you have no patience, you are not prepared to wait and see the next Chris Horton, Chris Cooley or Fred Davis (mid to late round picks who are now going well) you want the proven performer, like WE HAVE DONE FOR A DECADE AND HAS NOT WORKED.


STOP CLAMMERING FOR FA's to be signed (no wonder Snyder feels pressured into making these crazy decisions like siging Deion Sanders, just look at yourselves and what you are writing on here)


If anything, we should be wanting teams to come after our RFA's and getting up to 5 picks across the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft AND BE PATIENT AND LET THEM DEVELOP.


Just remember all them people clammering for FA's at the moment, YOU FORFEIT THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT SNYDER OR CERRATO, because YOU ARE ADVOCATING THE EXACT SAME STRATEGY


I'm sorry I have never got angry on here before, but I am genuinly disgusted, I thought you were all smarter than that.  How many big name FA's have the Colts signed this decade......none, mabye 2? 3? well they seem to be doing just fine

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