Has JC ruined his chances? Did he really have a chance to begin with?

Now I know there have been plenty of posts on this topic but hey, none of them were by me lol. We all know that QB is a big question mark this off-season. Will Shanahan decide that he likes what he sees and take JC under his wing to take him to a new level, or will he proceed to draft his own QB and start from scratch? Only Shanahan knows for sure and actually he may not know just yet. But most of us have come to the consensus that JC is the best option at QB heading into the next season. 

Now I have seen so many people (not all on here) say that JC is a bust and has had 5 years to prove that he sucks. But how accurate is that statement? Thats what we are here to discuss so lets take a small leap back in time. The year is 2005 and Jason Campbell is drafted. Nothing to really see here as he didn't play. 

New season, 2006. Mark Brunell is the starter but hey we suck, so Gibbs benches Brunell for Campbell. Not really an improvement but it isn't like Campbell did horribly. Our offense struggled and our defense sucked donkey balls. 29th ranked defense I believe. But as far as JC goes he started 7 games, threw 10 TD's and 6 ints, sacked 7 times, threw for 1,297 yards for a 6.3 average, a 53.1 completion percentage, and a QB rating of 76.5. Nothing spectacular but nothing extremely horrible from him for his first couple of starts. 

2007 is the year, And JC is the starter. Not much razzle dazzle here but they did start the season 5-3. But then the team begins to collapse, our beloved Sean Taylor (R.I.P.) passes away, so our team drops to a 5-6 record. The next game Campbell gets hurt and enter Todd Collins who takes and injury plagued and super emotional team to the playoffs but then unfortunately self destructs.  Stat wise JC started 13 games, threw 12 TD's but 11 ints, was sacked 21 times, threw for 2,700 yards for a 6.5 average, with a 60.0 completion percentage and a QB rating of 77.6. There is improvement but once again nothing spectacular except for maybe one performance where he was named the NFC offensive player of the week. But this is where the hating of JC began. When he got hurt, Collins stepped in and got us to the playoffs so many is thinking he is a bust. But Collins had played in Al Saunders (who was the offensive coordinator at the time) system for a very long time so he knew it like the back of his hand so it would have been pretty sad for him not to out perform JC who is doing what? Learning a new system!

2008 comes, Gibbs retires, enter Zorn. Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!! We all know how that started. First offensive coordinator then magically the HC WITHOUT ANY EXPERIENCE OTHER BEING A FORMER QB AND QB COACH. And guess what Mr. Campbell, here's a new system for you to learn. One that doesn't even accommodate your skill set. Hmmm big arm QB needing to launch the ball down field now has to throw a bunch of quick short passes.  Well let the season begin. We started out pretty hot going 6-2 in the first half of the season. Campbell looking good, has thrown no ints at all, he became the Redskins' new record holder for consecutive passes without an interception, breaking Joe Theismann's previous record of 161 and was being discussed as an early MVP candidate. Not only that but Portis was leading the league in rushing yards. Wow, amazing isn't it. But in the second half of the season everything goes wrong. Lots of injuries came up so now we are struggling and you all know the rest. 8-8 season after starting 6-2. How depressing!!!! But lets look at JC's stats for the season. He started all the games, threw 13 TD's and 6 ints (low number huh), sacked 38 times (ouch), threw for 3,245 yards with a 6.4 average, with a 62.3 completion percentage, and a QB rating of 84.3. So even after having to learn a new system from a coach that only has experience coaching QB's, and being harassed due to an injured O-line, he still manages to put up decent numbers. The amount of TD's kinda sucks but you have to be doing something right to only throw 6 ints in a season. But of course people blame JC for the second half collapse and start talking about how he plays too timid and he is scared to take chances and throw the ball down field.

2009 comes, Zorn is still here, and it is obvious that the FO doesn't believe in JC. I'm not going to go into full detail about this season because it is still so painfully fresh in our minds. But as a summary our O-line sucks, JC looks somewhat lost, people calling for Brennan and Collins, yadda yadda yadda horrible season, and Zorn gets canned at the end. But what do JC's stats look like? Started all games, threw for 20 TD's and 15 int's, sacked a whopping 43 times (its amazing he only had an ankle injury throughout the season), threw for 3,618 yards with a 7.1 average (thats a shock), with a 64.5 completion percentage, and a QB rating of 86.4. His worst season as a starter, yet his best season statistically. Now many fans are definitely begging for him to be replaced because once again the horrible outing is his fault right? Now he is being labeled as inaccurate, a turnover machine, people saying he has no pocket awareness, saying he isn't a leader. The previous season people were saying he is scared to throw the ball, now he starts slingin the pigskin taking chances and people don't like it due to the ints even though thats what they wanted. And obviously having a defender in his face on almost every play would somewhat hinder his accuracy. 

So what can we take from all of these stats? JC has improved every year despite all of the obstacles thrown at him, yet the amount of times that he has been sacked has risen each year. What could be the cause of this? Could it be the O-line? Or maybe JC just decided to hold the ball longer each year that he played. Whatever the answer may be he still improved.

Now after having a HC for 2 seasons that did not even allow him to audible a play, JC and the Redskins have a new GM and a proven HC that seems to have a knack for developing QB's. Even though plenty of people want JC gone, we know he is the best option. Lets let him have a shot with Shanahan and see how he responds. I know many of you will disagree with me, but I am positive that Shanahan can help JC tap into his inner rage and unleash his inner dragon.

Now once again I ask, has JC ruined his chances? Did he have a real chance to begin with? Based on what has happened I don't believe he had a real chance to succeed and his chance is now under Shanahan. Now before many of you crucify me with your comments, I have been stuck in the house for what seems like forever due to the snow so of course I had plenty of time to type this lol.

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