We got We wanted, now lets trust them.

While by no means to intend to stifle debate or stop the flow of opinions as we lead up to draft day,  I would like to make one point,


For a Decade now Skins fans have been screaming for a real GM and a coach with power to do what they want not Snyderratos bidding.  We have that now, now Shanahan was not my first choice, far from it in fact, but he is a proven head coach with a reputation and (Elway provided) rings, Bruce Allen seems like a good GM not great but solid with division winning seasons on his resume,


So here is my suggestion/hope/request whatever

I really do beleive we should trust what Shanahan and Allen do after Draft day has passed, so if they go QB and you are a JC supporter (as I sort of am) then you should accept it and move on, if you are a JC hater and they keep Campbell and draft the line and Safety or whatever, then support it and see what happens.  Just be happy that competent football minds are making these decisions and not Snyder.


Saying that, this is my view of what could happen and my reaction if it does (yes I'm a shameless hypocrite)


If they keep Campbell and draft the Line then its clear Shanahan thinks with a competent OC in his son and quality playcalling and with protection Campbell can win in this league, and this is a very defensibly position.

If they draft BRadford then this is what I think there thinking is


In the modern NFL with the new pass interference rules and the 5 yard bump zone, it is truly a passing league and if you can hit on a true top class QB then he can make your franchise for a decade, is Bill Polian really such a great GM or does Peyton Manning just make a franchise in this pass first, no late hits, no low hits on the QB league, where you cant even pressure recievers. 

IF this is Shanahans thinking and he sees real superstar potential in Bradford, then he almost has to trade JC, get picks from him to use on the line and hope his evaluation of Bradford is correct.


This leads to point number 3


Maybe he really likes Campbell but cant trade the number 4 pick, in this scenario maybe he takes Bradford with Pick 4 cos at least he knows he can trade Campbell for picks, so maybe picking Bradford is not a knock on Jason as much as it is a knock on a system where the Number 4 pick, due to to the Rookie Salary scale is untradeable


Anyway they are my thoughts, but whatever they do I will be giving them the benefit of the doubt all the way up until 6 minutes into the 1st quarter in RD 1 and we are losing :)

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