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Since the Start of this Season, before they became the National Fairytale, I have been saying on this site how much I wish we were more like the Bucs, and how I just wished we would take the Bucs path to success rather than the same failed strategy of the last decade, and believe me, the Shanahan era is just an extension of everything that has occured in the Snyder era, big name FA (this time the coach himself), trading away picks, the whole we are one step away mentality, that has cursed us and will continue to curse us going forward.


I was thinking about this last night, we are like a Poker Player who raised too high before the flop, and now even though he did not get the cards to help him, feels pot committed and will not gracefully back out and live to fight another day, we keep hoping for a miracle on the river, or that everyone else has screwed up to, well Tampa have shown us that there is a better way.


2 Years ago they got rid of an overhyped coach with repeated failures in his recent history in Gruden and signed the unknown MOrris, with a clear statement that it was time to Re-Build, they traded players for picks, got really young and basically told their Fans  "The next two years are gonna suck, but there is a plan"


Well now, well ahead of schedule they are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL, I just love watching Bucs games, all their players fly around slapping helmets and going crazy after every play, their QB is young and exciting, yeah they are clearly not an elite team yet, but their average age is only slightly higher than Alabama's last year when they won the BCS with senior filled class.


Whereas the Skins are too arrogant and too stupid to tell their fans "Look the last decade has been a disaster, we cant keep doubling down on the Turn and The River, we really need to start again, yes that means there will be minimum 2 more years added to a decade of pain in terms of Win/Loss record, but it is neccesary"  I think Skins fans are smart enough to understand that and will enjoy watching a young team grow, rather than this year watching an old team decay.


Shanahan is not the man for this task, he has a lifetime Winning Percentage to defend if he wants to get into the HOF, (I'm curious will Elway literally drive him there in the car as well as figuratively taking him there)  The trading away of Picks for McNabb is a scandal, as was the Brown trade.  We need to accept we are not going to win now, we need to get younger.  Instead of taking LaGarrete Blount with even a 7th Rd Pick Shanahan invited Willie Parker and Larry Johnson to camp, to back up the 30 year old Portis, again this is a SCANDAL.  The we gave away Campbell because we had no negotiating leverage because the whole league knew he now had no value to us, again a Scandal.


In this off-season, if Shanahan truly cared about the future of this team, every single player would be available to trade for picks, and we should not even be choosy about which Round the picks are in.  The only off-limit players should be




T Williams

Fred Davis

Anthony Armstrong


Now Carlos Rogers and Hall should only be let go for minimum 3rd Rd Picks (not that we have a choice with the FA Rogers) but everyone else, including favourites like Cooley should be on the block.


We need to get younger, we need to start over, yes this means we will probably win less than 4 games next year, but Tampa won 3 last year and look where they are, CONTENDING, we won 4, were so arrogant we thought we were a QB away from greatness and now we will be lucky to win 6 games.  So we traded away our future, in terms of 2nd Rd Pick last year and the crucial middle rounds this year, for a lousy 2 game improvement.  Well if Zorn was so terrible and Shanahan is so great, shouldnt his coaching alone have got us 2 games, doesnt that mean that the Personnell moves were a complete disaster, yet another scandal in the Shanahan era.


If we beat Tampa this week it means nothing, they are still trending up, whilst we remain in a morass.


It is a desperately depressing time to be a Skins fan, then I watch Tampa and see how much fun Football is meant to be.  How the hell has Snyder took the Redskins, a club with such history and presitge to a position where there fans are jealous of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.....  Good Job Dan, and great work helping him drag us down Mike.

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