A Realistic Look at the NFC Playoffs

Can it be done? YES!!! Will it be done....ehhh

I  just wanted to take a realistic look at the playoffs in the NFC and wanted to get everyone's predictions. I think the playoffs will look a lot different then what they would look like now.

Remaining Schedules... (I'm considering Atlanta a lock and not including the NFC West)

Bears (8-3)
@ Detroit - Win w/ Stanton starting, could be tough though
vs. New England- Loss, could catch NE on a short week though
@ Minnesota- Vikings continue to roll with a four game streak, Farve becomes relevant
vs. Jets- Loss
@ Green Bay- Loss

Philly (8-4)
@ Dallas- Win
@ NYG- Loss, just a hunch
vs. Minnesota- Win, Minny's streak is over
vs. Dallas- Doesn't matter, so win via Kolb

New Orleans (8-3)
@ Cincy - Win, but has trap game written all over it
vs. STL- Win
@ Baltimore- Loss
@ Atlanta- Revenge win
vs. TB- Win, this game will matter

Giants (7-4)
vs Skins-Loss
@ Minnesota- Loss, after beating Buffalo and the Skins I can see Minny getting some confidence
vs Philly- Win
@ Green Bay- Loss
@ Skins- Loss

Green Bay (7-4)
vs. SF- Win
@ Detroit- Win
@ NE- Loss
vs NYG- Win
vs Chicago- Win

Tampa Bay (7-4)
vs ATL- Loss
@ Skins- Loss
vs Detroit- Win
vs Seattle- Win
@ NO- Loss

Redskins (5-6)
@ NYG -Win, for some reason I have a good feeling about this one...
vs. TB- If we beat NYG then this should be like a playoff game and lets pull it out!
@ Dallas- I don't have a good feeling about this one, let down week...
@ Jax- Win, pull yourself up...
vs. NYG- Win, why the hell not?

#1- Atlanta (13-3)
#2- Green Bay (11-5)
#3- Philadelphia (11-5) vs #6 Washington (9-7)
#4- St Louis (8-6) vs. #5 New Orleans (12-4)

Yea I know I'm on the Kool-Aid! I used this from ESPN to figure things out:

If I used my brain instead of my heart I think we'd see both NYG and TB at 9-7 with NYG going as the 6th seed.

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