Locker May Be Only QB Option For Redskins

The Redskins 20-17 overtime victory over the Jags on sunday may have actually hurt the teams chances of landing one of the premeir QB's in the 2011 NFL Draft.  With every indication that Donovan McNabb will not be with the team going forward into next year, many draft pundints have speculated that Mike Shanahan would want to pick his own successor to lead the Redskins for the next decade.  Many, including myself, have rated Luck, Mallett and Newton as the top signal callers in the 2011 Draft, with Jake Locker, who many believed could have challenged Sam Bradford for the #1 spot last year, as a distant 4th. 


The Redskins can pick no higher than 6th, and most likely will be selecting outside the top 10.  If they can pull off an upset against the Giants next week, they may even position themselves outside of the top 15, an area many feel that the top 3 QB's will go before. 


There are 6 teams that will definitly pick before us: Panthers, Broncos, Bengals, Bills, and one of either 49ers/Cards.  As much hype as there is surrounding Andrew Luck, I just can't see the Panthers, who took 2 QB's in last years draft(Clausen 2nd, and Pike) using their #1 on Luck.  They have so many needs on this team, and most are on the defensive side of the ball.  They are also WR starved.  If the Panthers are smart, they will do everything in their power to trade away the #1 overall pick, to add multiple other picks(they have no 2nd this year, as they traded to to the Patriots).  That leaves us with the Broncos, Bengals, Bills, and one of the 49ers/Cards.


Broncos - Spent a 1st on Tebow, and they are in desperate need of defense.  Peterson would be the wise choice here. 

Bengals - I could definitly see them taking a QB eventhough they have Carson Palmer.  WR would make a lot of sense though.

Bills - If Luck is there, he's their man.

49ers - Luck would be a miracle for this franchise.  I doubt he will be avaliable, so a Newton or Mallett could be an option.

Cards - They may go the veteran route, but could also take Newton/Mallett.


These are the other teams who could be picking ahead of us:

Texans - No QB.  They need defensive, and they need it bad.  Aukamaura, or Jenkins at CB would fit nicely.

Cowboys - No QB.  Who knows what direction these idiots would go.  Prob O-Line. 

Lions - No QB.  CB or anywhere else on defense.  OT is another possibility, but the draft is very weak here.

Browns - Can't see them going QB, as they used a 2nd on Colt McCoy in 2010, and they seem to really like him. 

Vilkins - Are salivating for a QB.  I imagine, unless they trade up for Luck, that Mallett of Newton could land here.

Seahawks - Peety would love to get his hand on one of the top 3 QB's.  Whitehurst was brought in to be the successor, but I can't believe Carroll would pass on a talent like Mallett or Newton. 

Titans - The marriage between Young and Fisher seems to be over.  Unless Fisher is fired, and Young remains(which is a possibility), they could be looking at a QB.

Dolphins - No QB

Raiders - No QB


So, the top 3 QB's should, at this early point, go between pick #1(trades being considered), and pick #15. 


That could leave Locker as our only possibility in the 1st round, or we could hope for a loss, and a top 10 pick.


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