You've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them." So says, LJP"

While I am at it let me finish! Know when to walk away, and know when to run. This one verse from the song/move of Kenny Rodgers named "The Gambler' has helped me out a lot in life. I could have been going through a rough time in my life be it business, relationship or other related. This one phrase has helped me break free of many a bad situation. The problem with most people when it comes to making decisions is that they use their "gut" feelings more then common sense/ brain.

Let's be honest people look at what Shanahan has done to a team that was already a mess. He came in and traded Jason Campbell a starting NFL QB for  peanuts. He brought in Donovan Mcnabb to take over as a replacement. He then disrespected Mcnabb by not taking any of his advice. Donovan said he wanted us to sign Brian Westbrook. By the way HOW MANY THIRD DOWNS COULD WE HAVE PICKED UP THIS YEAR WITH WESTBROOK AS A SKIN. Donovan was also pushing for us to sign Terrell  Owens. If Donovan could forgive T.O. for the sake of winning. Why could Shanahan not do the same? Why is it that Donovan saw that we needed help in the receiving game and Shanahan did not? You would think if a future Hall Of fame QB asked for multiple offensive weapons we would have made sure we signed at least one. This was his first time disrespecting Donovan. I am not even going to mention "Benchgate." Now here we are at benchgate 2.

Where do I start with the Devin Thomas fiasco? He spent so much time devaluing Devin in the media that we could not trade him. He did the same thing with Jason Campbell and Albert Haynesworth. He spends so much time not supporting his players during press conferences that he devalues them. So in the future any player that we plan on getting rid of we will get only crumbs in exchange because Shanahan devalues them in public prior to getting rid of them.

Think about it people Shanahan got rid of JC 17 for peanuts. He has benched our best Defensive lineman (Haynesworth) , Benched or Qb (Mcnabb) and waived our 2nd best WR, Devin Thomas. I am not going to even mention the Larry Johnson and Willie Parker crap. BTW, what took Shanahan so long to realize Larry was washed up? This idiot has made to many mistakes to mention.

Think about how many lies/ half truths this guys has told. What type of player worth anything would want to play for a coach that lies all the time like this. The only FA's we will be getting are ones like Larry Johnson. We will only be able to sign washed up ones. We all now see that Shanahan is no Bill Belichick when it comes to using a player to his strengths. If he were a Belichick then we could get away with signing no name FA's and making chicken salad out of chicken shick. But we have a coach that does not even know how to use players like Albert Haynesworth, Devin Thomas, Donovan Mcnabb, Fred Davis and more to their strengths. Before anyone says anything about us only drafting players and not picking up FA's. NO team wins only with draft picks !!!

So my point with this whole rant is that Shanahan is so stuck in his ways to learn from his mistakes of this year. He will not change his EGO. We all complained about Dan Snyder being so involved with making decisions on this team. It finally seems like he has taken a step back, and now look what we have a Ego Maniac in charge !! 

LJP says " You've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, and know when to run, you never count your money, while sitting at the table, their will be time to do the counting, when the dealings done.

I think it is now time for us to fold our cards and walk away. I think it is time for us all to accept that we need a new hand. (coach)

  Thank You !! Kenny Rodgers for the advice !! Lets see if Dan Snyder will take it and get rid of Mike "B. H." Shanahan !!

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