Ok, My Kool-Aid jar is empty!!!!

The Death of a season....... Volume 1

I feel compelled to create this post due to the bloody sunday that I witnessed yesterday. The Skins, Caps, Terps and Wizards (Friday) all loss!!! It is just not fun to watch sports in this area anymore. Something needs to happen and happen quick! I am so sick of losing it doesn't make sense. The Wizards are in a rebuilding year and we all know this. I can take their losses a little better than others. The Caps are in need of something. I just don't know what it is that is ailing them. Maybe the loss of Jeff Schultz is bigger than i thought it would be. The terps are a young team, and will go through its bumps and bruises this year. However, for them to lose their ACC opener to a team slated to rank low in the standings at seaons's end, sets a negative tone for the rest of the season. Last but not least, the Skins. Every sunday I watch the TV expecting something different. I get the same result. Its as if no one wants to play for this team right now. You have a few keepers, but to be honest this team needs to be gutted again this off-season.

Fans please add other volumes as we go....

Its time to clean house, here are my suggestions after the jump!


Everyone knows that we need to get younger! We need to get younger and faster now! Just look at what is happening in Atlanta and to a lesser extent, in Tampa Bay. Here are my suggestions, taking into account what we already have, we could turn this thing around rather quickly.

  • Trade Chris Cooley - I love Captain Chaos just like everyone else, but, seriously, is there any other trade chip that we have that would yield adequate return? Chris Cooley is one of the most dedicated skins that we have, however, I do believe that a Logan Paulsen / Fred Davis TE combination could work. We would at least get a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Cooley and we need DRAFT PICKS!!
  • Cut ties with the following:  Albert Haynesworth, Santana Moss, Roydell Williams, Stephon Heyer, Casey Rabach, Kemo, Reed Doughty, Andre Carter, Kareem Moore and Donovan McNabb. This of course is up for debate, however, we have a lot of baggage left over from the last regime and this team is in need of a cleansing!
  • Keep an eye on some of the young guns that we have now and evaluate for the future. So far, Brandon Banks looks like a definite keeper. Ryan Torain's injury history bothers the hell out of me but look what he can do when healthy, my God!!! I love what I have seen from Landry, Alexander (i will explain him next as well), Armstrong (even though he is 27), Keiland Williams, Orakpo and Darrel Young (in limited action). We have a few young guys that we can build around.
  • Speaking of Zo Alexander, Please in the name of all that is holy, keep him on special teams and some DE sets. I don't like him as an OLB. He is too slow and provides little to no rush from the left side. The reason why Orakpo has had the season that he has had is due to the fact that he is the only pass rushing threat that we have. Teams will double him up or chip him on their way to their own route, limiting his effectiveness. Where is Jerry Hughes? Isn't he way down on someone's depth chart right now? He is the prototypical 3-4 OLB and i believe that he is playing out of position in the 4-3 in Indy. Don't trade a pick, but get him here to rush the pass with Orakpo!!!
  • The Defense - I actually believe in the 3-4. I don't agree with anyone saying that we need to make a change mid season to the 4-3. The only problem with this defense is that we have so many people playing out of position and we lack the talent to make up for what we lack in personnel. If you look at the most successful transitions to the 3-4, most teams struggled in their first year, then drafted players to play the 3-4. This will take us a couple of seasons with our lack of draft picks, but it could work if we get a few more this year and next year (see "Trade Chris Cooley").
  • With our first two picks, I beilieve that we need to take Andrew Luck and a stud RT. This is just my wish, however, please let me know what you would do with the first two picks. IMHO I believe that we need to have a combination of QB and RT. With the Tackle positions locked up for years, we would start to see marked improvement with the Oline. Sign Tyson Clabo, move Will Montgomery to Center and we could start to see progress next year.
  • The Coaches - one of the things that I noticed yesterday was that our playcalling sucks! Ryan Torain was having a career day (he still ended up with a career day), but TB couldn't stop him at all! You have to go with whats working. At times, it seemed as if the offense was trying to outguess itself, by passing when we didn't need to pass. I love Mike Shannahan and I believe that he will right the ship. I think that we were kidding ourselves into thinking that we had a playoff caliber team with the talent level that we had. Seriously, no one on this team scares another team when they play us. We are just not that good! Shanahan can right this ship as long as he continues to bring in players that want to play here and want to give there all for Washington. I understand it takes a couple of seasons, however, if for anything, keep them around for continuity sake. I believer that the players would benefit from having a coach for longer then 2 seasons.

Last but not least, The FANS!

Now i know we can't get out there and play, however, i believe we need to take a step back and give this regime a chance. The minute that something goes wrong here in Washington, we are calling for a coache's head. Don't you see that this was the problem all along. When Devin Thomas says that we are unstable, its a problem. As a franchise, we have always expected the playoffs every year, even with mediocre talent. I for one am guilty as well in believing that we had what it took to get into the playoffs. 10+ years of mediocrity will do this to you. You hope and dream and pray fhat this is the year and that things will be different. You can't build a building with mediocre parts. After a few years, that building will crumble due to leaks, cracks and instability. The same can be said about our Redskins. This team doesn't need a band-aid, this team needs complete restructive surgery. We can be stronger if we simply follow a plan.

Remember Skins Fans, This is the first year of a process that needed to happen a long time ago. It will take longer than a year for us to fix 10+ years of decay with this franchise, but it can and will happen.


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