How can you feel good about the Redskins?

Seriously how the hell are you meant to feel good about this team and its direction right now.


The QB we mortgaged our future for (and yes 2nd and 3rd Round picks is mortgaging your future in todays NFL) has just been insulted publicly and privately subjected to a systematic Whisper campaign of background briefings and leaks by the Shanahans. So we have mortaged our future for a 1 year rental of a QB who will spend the 2nd half of that year without his head in the game.


Instead of doing this and just giving away a competent tho by no means great QB in JC, we could have accpeted that we are not about to win a SB anytime soon, kept the picks, drafted some youth, traded other good players, gathered more picks, drafted more youth, let a young, superstar coach in waiting like Leslie Frazer groom them and take his licks along the way and truly contend in 3 or 4 years.


Instead it really looks like we are a decade away from contending and even that is unlikely.  New England has TWO thats right TWO picks in all of the first 3 Rounds next year, this while having a young team this year stacked with 2nd and 3 rounders who are new to the League, that has the potential to set up a decade of dominance, oh wait a sec, they just had that, so make that 2 decades of dominance.


This is not Monday Morning Quaterbacking because I called for this in January.


Instead of Trading for McNabb we could have taken T Williams or R Okung (its still debateable who will make the better pro) with Pick 4.  Traded Pick 37 to move down in the 2nd Round and pick up a 3rd Rounder, or failing that just pick a Nate Allen or my preference a solid Guard at 37.  Or if Shanahan truly did not trust Campbell how about Colt McCoy a QB who has done nothing but break Completion Percentage and winning records his entire life.  And the thing is I am not even saying that is a good idea, I am sure there are players I have never heard of who were better choices, my point is that idea is still better than what we ended up doing.


Which was yet again, we went for a win now, gave away picks next year for Brown and the McNabb rental and we remain years away.


I watched the Tampa game yesterday and was filled with envy.  I mean for fucks sake I support the Washington Redskins and I was envious of the fucking Tampa Fucking Bay Bucaneers.


I just dont see any light on the horizon, because Shanahans gigantic ego is blocking out the sun.

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