The FeelGood Post!

Dr. FeelGood here..

A lifting of the spirits if you will. Whether you are a Dumbocrat or a Repugnicant. Whether you are a Tea Partier or a Toga Partier. Whether you are a blue collar worker, a white collar worker or you just like to have a popped collar. and....

  • Despite all the negativity and angst coming out of the embarrassing loss to the Lions
  • Despite the fact that what we perceived to be our strength (Coach Shanahan) might now be our weakness,
  • Despite our new franchise QB now looks like what he is.....old.
  •  And despite the fact that our former franchise QB looks reborn, 
  • Despite all that......there is still one thing to feel very good about this season.

The Plowboys are 1-7 !   and....

  • The Plowboys are 1-7 in their brand new 1.15 Billion $ world's largest domed stadium with the  world's largest TV.
  • The Plowboys are 1-7 despite the fact they were picked by most to go to the Super Bowl this year.
  • The Plowboys are 1-7 and 1-15 is a very real possibility given the fact that the Bills, Broncos, Niners and Panthers are maybe the only teams they stand a remote chance of beating but are not on their schedule.
Like the man said.." I feel good!".


Even LeDoubleDribble himself is quitting on his fav team.

Lebron says "Cowboys are the worst".

"More FeelGood after the jump."

Questions about the Plowboys going forward. Lotsa questions.

1. Will Tony Romo ever stop crying?


2. Is coach Phillips intending to try out for the Plowgirls with those man-boobs?


3. Can Jerry Jones pick a winner again?


4. Could Plowboy fans be any dumber?


5. Will the mega-screen be called again for Punt Interference?


6. Answer to question # 4: Yes, they can!


7. How gay can a Plowboys fan get?


8. Is this the next head coach of the Plowboys?


9. Answer to #1: uh uh!










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