Ok, Ok, Ok, Enough is Enough!!!!

I have heard over and over again since Sunday night about this "controversy" that we have brewing in Washington! I am so sick of hearing what people have to say about the McNabb benching. It is truly giving me a headache! If you would like to move away from the edge, please continue reading, if not, then this is not the post for you as this is meant to bring some clarity and a breath of fresh air to this situation.

First and foremost, this is a bye week! It is a time for rest and rejuvenation as it concerns the team. Lets all do the same and take a break. Lets be honest here, if we were to think about this over and over again for the rest of this week and next week, we may very well kill ourselves!! The following bullet points should give you a bit of a reprieve from what has been going on at Redskin Park:

  • Don't believe everything that you see and hear about whats going on!!!!! The members of the media make a living on eliciting some type of emotion from sports fans and franchises. As long as the media continues to portray this as a story, then, we as sports fans will continue to give it credit as still being a story! Let them talk and talk, don't pay them any mind!
  • NOBODY, and i mean NOBODY, outside of Redskins Park, knows what truly is going on behind closed doors between McNabb and Shannahan. The only intel that we have are from "various sources" or "unnamed sources". Listen to the following quote: "Redskins are shopping Santana Moss". There, I am now an official "source"! Please don't trust anyone in the camps of Jason Reid and Jason La Canfora!!! They have always had a disdain for this organization, yet are always the ones who have "inside information" when it comes to our team!
  • Nobody is above being benched!!! Of course i say that knowing that at the very least McNabb could have done a helluva lot more then Sexy Rexy at that time. Was the benching needed, probably so, was it done at the right time, HELL NO!!! Its funny how the same people that bashed McNabb so much for his flaws at the beginning of the season are now choosing sides and call Shanahan's decision for benching him "idiotic!" I love McNabb as our quarterback, now and hopefully for another 3 years or so, however, until we get that OLine shored up and at least another big play reciever "threat", the offense will be stuck in neutral!
  • Last but not least.....ITS THE BYE WEEK!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, please take this time to relax and unwind. Get yourselves ready for an exciting second half to the season. Anything can happen in the wacky NFC and we are right in the thick of things!!!!! 

I hope that this at least helps pull some of you from the edge! I am trying to be as reasonable as I can in understanding the situation that our beloved Skins are facing! If McNabb and Shanahan says that they spoke about it and put it behind them, then I will believe what they say rather than anyone else who wants to chime in and give their "2 cents"!!!!!  


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