Early Offseason and Draft Scenerio

This is all premature at this point, but it is still fun to debate.

Seasons End:   We finish the season at 8-8, and in 3rd place in the NFC East, behind the Eagles(10-6) and Giants(9-7). 



 - Portis(released)  -  Can't believe he will be back in DC in 2011

-  Rabach(released)  -  can't hold up anymore

-  Kemo(released)  -  youth movement underway

-  Carter(released) - see above

 - Haynesworth  -  Traded away for a 3rd in the 2011 draft

-  Daniels(retired)

-  Galloway(retired)


Free Agents Lost:

 - Carlos Rogers - I believe Rogers tests the FA market, and finds an offer he can't refuse.

 - Santana Moss  -  even with a solid 2010, staff decides to let the 32 year old FA walk

 -  Stephon Heyer - wants to be a starter somewhere.  Some team is dumb enough to give it a shot


Free Agents Signed:

 - Nick Cole(Eagles)  -  C/G  6-0  338  (27)

 - James Jones(Packers)  -  WR  6-1  208  (27)

 - Allen Branch(Arizona)  -  DT  6-6  338  (26)

 - Aubrayo Franklin(49ers)  -  NT  6-1  317  (30)



Draft:(pick 15)  - 

1  -  Julio Jones  WR  Alabama  6-4  215(junior)

2  -  Aaron Williams  CB   Texas   6-0  192(junior)

3  -  (from Haynesworth trade)  -  Kris O'Dowd  C/G  USC   6-4  298(senior)

4  -  (compensary pick)  -  Cliff Matthews  DE/OLB   S Carolina   6-4  263(senior)

5 -  Phil Taylor  -  DT/NT  Baylor   6-3  350(senior)

6 - BPA

7 - BPA


2011 starting line-up:

QB  -  McNabb, Beck

RB  -  Williams, Torain, Davis

WR  -  Julio Jones(R), Austin

WR  -  James Jones(FA), Banks

WR  -  Anthony Armstrong

TE  -  Cooley, Davis

LT  -  Williams,  Brown/Hicks

LG  -  Licht, Cook

C -  O'Dowd(R), Monty

RG - Cole(FA), Capers

RT - Brown, Hicks


NT  -  Franklin(FA), Taylor(R)

DT -  Carriker, Jarmon

DT - Branch(FA), Golston

OLB - Rak, Wilson

OLB - Alexander, Matthews(R)

MLB - McIntosh, Blades

MLB - Fletcher, Reily

CB - Hall, Barnes

CB - Williams(R), Westbrook

SS - Landry, Horton

FS - Moore, Russell

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