What If???

Some people have called the injury to Rabach a "blessing in disguise".  I hate to see our players get injured, and would never wish that on anyone, but what if we actually do come out better in the long run for this. 


Say the staff inserts either Monty or Licht at C, and they play well.  Williams mans the left, while Brown(now noticably healthier) mans the right.  We keep Heyer at RG(i've been suggesting this move for a while), and have either Licht or Monty(which ever one is not playing C), at LG. 


Supposing we promote both Cook and Capers to the 53 man roster, to take the place of Rabach and Dock.  Hicks comes back as our swing tackle/guard. 


Maybe, just maybe, Logan Paulsen is converted to O-line this offseason. 


In FA, we pick up a key player at G.  Or maybe, the staff feels we don't need one, and just adds a veteran for depth. 


If, and it's a big IF, this o-line developes:

LT - Williams

LG - Licht, Cook

C - Monty, Licht

RG - Heyer, Capers

RT - Brown, Hicks


Are we good with this???


They are pretty young, mostly addept at the zone blocking scheme(minus Heyer), and could be good given the time to gel as a unit.

I know we are still going to have the "we need more 1st and 2nd round linemen" camp, but what if this lineup actually WORKS.  Would people be OK with adding another FA for depth(or as a starter, ie Mankins), and letting the rest develop?


Then we could go into the draft with WR, and NT/LB/CB as our needs, possibly trade Haynesworth for an additional pick, and walk away with a pretty good team next year(and one thats not the oldest in the NFL anymore)


I know this was just one game, but this one game did come against a Tennessee defense that is pretty good.  I'd like to see this line get some time to play together.  Maybe they will surprise some people.

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