Eagles fan with some Redskin observations you may/not agree with

Though die hard Eagles fan, i've nothing against your Skins....the Cowboys, yes, can't stand them.   But I have nothing but admiration for Joe Gibbs, John Riggins, the Hogs, the smurfs....the beating your Skins administered to the Dolphins back in 80s SB...beautiful, loved it...hated Shula and Marino. 

Two observations, one longer term, one Monday night

Monday night - dead serious here, i was impressed by the fight and the attempted rally in your team down 35-0.  i knew the game wasn't over, too much time left. but damn, i was actually worried on our possession after Skins cut  it to 21 at 35-14...they stop the Eagles there, you have a ballgame.  Fortunately Vick/Eagles were just too hot.  but i saw some fight there, somebody was doing something to lead the team, i saw shots of Fletcher and mcnabb regrouping...give your team some credit, 31 other teams would have quit being down 35, including the Eagles...yours didn't

that's the "good news"

the bad news, is that there is something wrong with Dan Snyder and your front office.  we WANTED to trade mcnabb, i loved him but everybody, EVERYBODY knows he is past his prime and has at best 2 yrs...after a poor season to date and a benching, they give him 40M....another ridiculous high profile high spend player who is well into his back half of his career...this delights an Eagles fan and when your rival is happy to see you doing something, you know it's wrong.  admit it, both Eagles and Skins fans wanted the Cowgirls to keep Wade Phillips.....well, we're thrilled that you keep doing things like McNabb and Haynesworth....the proof exists when Joe Gibbs could not return the team to prominence....there's something wrong with your front office and until you fix that, i'm afraid it's going to be hard times in DC.

that's a shame because we need to keep the NFC East the best division in NFL history

AND we need to keep the Eagles, Gmen and Skins battling it out for first place and the Cowboys in the cellar

but i'm afraid the Skins are not going to be much help in this process with the ridiculous revolving chair head coaches and poor player development and drafting and trading

some years from now, the Skins will hire Marv Levy as head coach and trade for Tom Brady at $100M guaranteed but after he has double knee replacement and turns 47...

sorry, i don't mean to hurt only to give you fuel for the fan revolt you should put together

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