My 2 Cents on that Humiliation on MNF

Sorry if I repeat comments I have made in reply to other ppls post here, but after that ridiculous performance yesterday I am that pissed off this is going to be just a stram of conciousness type post, so expect spelling and punctuation mistakes cos I am at work.


Firstly, is Jim Haslett really that arrogant that he thinks that just by throwing his hands in the air after every big play, or by making straight for the corner or safety who was nearest the end of the play when he knows he is on camera that this will deflect our attention away from the sheer awfulness of his defensive scheme and onto the players.

I mean really, how many TD's does there have to be in a quarter before he thinks we will stop putting it down to individual player mistakes and instead focus on his crappy play calling and overall garbage defensive scheme, seriously do he really think that play acting for the cameras is going to make us blame the 260 pound Landry for not being as Quick as a WR instead of focusing on why he was left isolated back there, because the CB passed off the quick WR to a Strong Safety in isolation deep.

Does he think we are so stupid, that we will not remember that our defense last year, whilst not being especially great, and even though it used Landry in completely the wrong position and forced Orakpo into coverage way to often, was still massively better than this one, with essentially the same personell.

Does he really expect us to trust his track record when his track record STINKS.


As for Snyder, does the dude even care about being embarrassed on National Television, does he care that his transparent attempt to pay 3.5 million dollars to McNabb to apologise to him for the Detroit Fiasco would be seen through within about 12 seconds of the deal becoming public.  Anyone who thinks that deal means McNabb will definitely be here next year needs to read the fine print.  I'm not saying he will leave, but dont be fooled into thinking McNabb as a Skin next year is any more certain that it was pre-deal. that deal was a 3.5 million dollar apology for Shanhan screwing him over in public and to prevent any Moss Like expressions of love for his old coaching staff to a National Audience (not that McNabb would ever do that, he is too classy, but hey, better to be safe than sorry)


If Kyle Shanhan is such a playcalling genius, why does the offense perform so poorly, you may say it is lack of talent and that is possible, but a true play calling genius works around a lack of talent, Bill Belichek a true genius made a WR a SB wining CB, Troy or Tony something or other, I am to lazy and to angry to look up his name, but you all know the story.


And finally MIke Shanahan, the man with the same number of non-Elway Playoff wins as the owner Dan Snyder, that would be One.  The man who was known for god-awful draft days when given full control of personell in Denver, and most importantly the MAN WHO WAS FIRED.  This is the main point, everyone talks about Shanahans year away from coaching as if it was a Bill Cowher/Tony Dungy style sabattical, but there is one major difference, Holmgren, Cowher and Dungy left of their own accord, Mike Shanahan, let it never be forgotten WAS FIRED, that is the reason he was out of work, because the Denver Broncos realised he was past his use by date, just like all those Running Backs he bought to town during Training Camp.

We all know RB's have a Odometer that just runs out at some point, maybe that applys to coaches too, particuarly ones who have never won anything without one of the all time greats at the games most critical position.


The Great Joe Gibbs won Superbowls with 3 different QBs and 3 Different starting RB's, that is the definition of coaching brilliance.  Going along for the ride with one of the all time great QB's only proves one thing, it proves you are competent, it does not prove you are brilliant.


I used a FUCKING Annual Leave day for that shit yesterday and the game was over after 7 plays.  This organisation makes me so angry.


Abuse me for being negative in the comments section below if you want, I just dont care anymore, how can you be positve, when you look into the future and we have no draft picks, an aging and talentless roster and a head coach with the media in his pocket, ready to pass the reins to his son in 3-4 years, meaing we have minimum 6 years of these guys in charge.  Oh brother is this gonna hurt, we are a decade from contentind ppl, and that is best case scenario.

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