4 Roster Moves the Redskins Need to Make Now

Wow, is the only word that comes to mind after that terrible performance. We started brilliantly on special teams, but our defense was horrendous. 7-0, run,run, run, punt, 14-0, terrible 3rd down protection dropped pass by Moss leads to an interception, 21-0. Ballgame after 10 minutes of play.

I said in the pre-season that this was an 8-8 at best 9-7 team, and we all knew that this wasn't going to be easy. However that last loss was tough to take. The problem is that our top two weaknesses have remained the same, interior offensive line and wide receiver.

I propose the following four sets of roster moves immediately.

1st: Cut Mike Sellers and promote Selvish Capers.

I like Sellers, but we need to go younger since we are not a contender. I've heard that Young practices very well and is ready to take over. He did score the first TD for the Skins as well as having a decent run. Besides are we really carrying 6 RB's?

2nd: Cut Casey Rabach, promote Erik Cook and shift Kory Lichtensteiger to centre.

We know that Rabach won't be here next year. We also need to see if Kory is as good as advertised at center. We also need more options for the interior of the line. The starters aren't getting the job done. I'm not there at practice, however the better player out of Doc, Will, Cook or Capers can cover at LG.

Montgomery or Cook can also cover Center if there is an injury.

3rd: Cut Chad Simpson, promote James Davis

I think Chad did a good job while he was here, but we need healthy running backs and we can't wait any longer. Davis has played in a ZBS at Clemson, let's see if he can play in the pro's. 

4th: Cut Joey Galloway, promote Terrence Austin, but first use Brandon Banks more on offense.

3 of McNabb's 11 interceptions have come on passes to Galloway. He isn't fast, he doesn't produce, nor does he play on Special Teams. We all like TA, but I would like to see Banks given more chances on offense before we see Austin.

Schematically I think we need to make two key adjustments on offense - more screen plays and more 2TE sets. Both of these ideas will back off the pass rush since we can keep either Cooley or Davis in to block with the option of slipping out in the flat to provide a check-down. Not to mention that Davis is a better receiving option than most of our WR, he just needs to eliminate the mental mistakes.

On defense we need to spend less time in our base 3-4. We don't have the personnel to run this defense yet, while it would make no sense to abandon it, spending more time in sub-packages will help. We looked lost containing Vick especially in base, next week we face Vince Young.

I have faith in Mike Shanahan. This was always going to be a rebuilding project, there will be times when we want to pull our hair out. The fact is that we are a better team than last year, that shows me that there is hope.

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