Dear Mr. Snyder...

Dear Mr. Snyder,


I have been following the Washington Redskins for well over twenty years now. We haven't been the most dominate franchise in the history of the NFL, but we have been competitive. Last night, I witnessed my team get beat badly by a division foe, and I started to think about where we went wrong. I thought about the obvious offensive line problems, the wide receiver issues, the transitioning defense, lack of depth at running back, and while they're all valid issues, I dug even deeper. I started to think about the leadership on the sidelines. The resume of Coach Mike Shanahan is good. The resume of offensive coordinator Kyle, is average at best. The defensive coordinator is proven, but looks very bad here. From all of those, I began to think about Bruce Allen. The not-so-visible Bruce Allen who's philosophy was to build a contender by signing wily veterans. Then I thought about the team that they all inherited, which brings me to you.

You, sir, have been here for 10 years now. You've exhausted our pockets with your above average prices. You insulted us by constantly reminding us that you reference Jerry Jones, a much hated foe in Washington. You've successfully made us the laughing stock of the NFL by:

  • Throwing away draft picks
  • Subjecting us to your best "yes man" in Vinny Cerrato who knew nothing about building a football team.
  • Making Washington the pit stop for getting paid without putting up maximum effort. Anyone who wanted a check, was willing to don the precious burgundy and gold for a season. We were the "vacation resort" for athletes in the NFL.
  • Hiring people for positions that NO ONE else would hire them for. Do you realize how embarrasing it was trying to justify Jim Zorn?

With all due respect, most of what we faced last night, was because of your doing. You have single handily managed to turn a once storied franchise, into the laughing stock of the NFL. Maybe it doesn't mean anything to you because your profit margin continues to rise. Maybe it doesn't matter to you, because you continue to prey on the hope of the most loyal fans. Maybe it doesn't matter to you, because once the damage was done, you don't  have to answer the press/media/fans. You just jump in your jet, and fly away.

I have to be honest, Mr. Snyder. I really wish that you would just fly away for good. You've made enough money. You've made your mark. You are notorius around here, and we will never forget you.

We also, will never forgive you either. Thank you for destroying a team through your "expirements". Thank you for making us bottom feeders for majority of your tenure. Thank you for creating a losing atmoshpere and a stench of losing that we've been trying get off since you got on.

Loyal Redskin Fan,



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