This dead horse needs beating

      While I hate to clog up multiple posts with the same subject, I just can't let go of this thing. This benching has the potential to be as damaging as anything Snyder ever did to this organization. (All you Rosey-outlook-all-the-timers keep in mind I said POTENTIAL).
       Aside from the benching being a total panic move, as Lavar said, the bigger problem is what it's hiding. It's the evil monster lurking in the closet we've all been afraid to think about. Nepotism. Since lil' Shanny joined Daddy in DC, we've wondered if proud papa would be able to tell his kid that his stuff ain't workin'. Which it ain't. You wanna go for the "give it time" argument? Nope, that went out the window with Donovan's first ass splinter. If you can't give the 6 time Pro bowl, multiple championship game, HOF caliber QB more time, then how do you argue that your flash in the pan, non playoff offense deserves more time?

      What worries me most about this is the complete illogic of DaddyShanny's explanation.

You thought "Rex gave you a better chance in the TWO MINUTE" Really?? Then why wasn't he in before that, so we wouldn't have to WORRY about the Two minute?? Seriously though, HOW LONG has this guy been coaching? Does anyone who's ever been around football think there's a chance in hell that a guy who hasn't played a SINGLE DOWN can come in and drive the team 80 yards behind such a porous O-line?

"Rex is familiar with this offense". Really? Cuz I seem to remember MATT SCHAUB running that offense in Houston, with Rex holding the clipboard.  Did HE ever get benched for Rex? Or, more importantly, was he ever under the barrage of pressure McNabb saw ALL DAY Sunday? I doubt it. Because he wouldn't been benched, he would've been BROKEN. Anybody with any grasp of what was going on yesterday could see that D Mac escaped as many sacks as he took, if not more. Rex doesn't give you that. Know what Rex does give you? Turnovers. SO was anyone surprised at the outcome of Rex's first snap real snap as a Redskin? I wasn't. OK, I'll admit I was 50/50 on it. I figured it'd either be a pick 6 or a fumble. No, I'm not exaggerating. I yelled that exact sentiment at my wife when they showed him warming up.


    So here we are at the bye week, with 2 weeks to mull over this horrific decision. And who's up next on the plate? Philly. The team WE ALL wanted to sweep a little bit more the moment McNabb signed. And the the team McNabb needs to beat to kick dirt in their face for spitting him out like stale bubble gum. Now not only does he have to deal with the neverending questions of the benching, but he also has to deal with the ridicule he's sure to hear from the fans in Philly about the whole mess. Sure, he'll SAY he doesn't pay attention to that stuff. But does anyone believe that? Not me.

  Unfortunately, this Philly game is the least of our worries. As poor as the NFC is right now, we're still in "the race" even if we lose to Philly. The larger issue is what's gonna happen at the end of the season. You know, when Shanny DOES "get involved in contract negotiations." What does McNabb think of his "fearless leader" now, after hearing him preach to "stick with it" all this time, knowing the guy doesn't practice what he preaches.

  So, what's more questionable, the coach who continues to bench the players who give him the best chance of winning (despite what he may say), or the QB who tows the company line after being told by the COACH's SON to change what's worked for him through all those Pro Bowl/Playoff/championship games? I pick the coach, ten times out of ten. That ego needs WAY more adjusting than any of McNabb's "footwork."

Editor's note: Sorry, I know this post is kind of all over the place, but I'm working on 2 hours sleep since Saturday, and have a million thoughts to download from my still-in shock brain, all the while chasing 2 toddlers away from the Halloween booty.

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