When Opportunity Knocks...

First of all, let me say this: I'm a die hard Redskins fan. Through thick and thin, I will always support them. Because I remember the glory days, I EXPECT greater things than mediocrity. Some may say, "but they don't owe you anything". To a certain extent, you're right. All I am is a fan. I recently compared the rooting for the Redskins to being dumped by your first love. No matter how (explicit) up she does it, you still can't help but love her...

Second, I'd like to say that I've seen it all from this organization over the years. What works, what doesn't work. The guys who were "football guys" to the guys who are "businessmen". The players who left it all on the field, to the players who left it when they signed their contract. The heartache and pain is overwhelming the joys of yesterday.

I'm very critical of this team. I view myself as the proverbial father, speaking to his sons about discipliine and other attributes of success. As a fan, you should too. I call a spade a spade, and I'm not afraid to talk about who's not earning a paycheck. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you meet a person who's just better than you at something. But even in those encounters, an opportunity will knock and you have to make the most of it. It's a chess game, and if anyone out there knows, you can appeared to be done, but one mistake and everything changes.

Last night, we had opportunities. Yes, I ride hard on Carlos Rogers. Why not? He was a first round pick. I EXPECT better from him. He had two opportunities to intercept Manning, and he blew it. THOSE types of plays CAN NOT happen. I spoke before on him giving the other team opportunities, and the LAST person you want to keep giving a shot is Peyton Manning. Again, I EXPECT greater. Especially when the Colts secondary can catch one handed, stretched interception, and Rogers are right in his breadbasket and simply dropped... Finally you see that's it's not enough to "be there".

Dante Hall was star struck last night. He was as confused as I've ever seen him. Maybe it's because he was gambling with house money, and faced the league's best chess player. Epic Fail.

Kareem Moore CAN NOT tackle in the open field. Correction, he doesn't want to tackle anyone coming straight at him. It's like watching a matidore and a bull. O lea...

Landry blew a touchdown saving tackle...(Yeah I know, who would have thought that the way he's been playing, that anyone would say that). Joseph Addai broke the second level, and instead of wrapping up, he hits him with his shoulder, expecting him to fall. He didn't. Touchdown Colts.

I have to admit, I circled this game on our schedule as a loss. So I'm not totally surprised. It just upsets me that I was right. And even more so, it's another game we "should've" had, but we didn't leave it all on the field. We couuld have made a statement.

Opportunity knocked, and we didn't answer.

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