The Sensible Devin Thomas Discussion

So I saw LJP had a title I agreed with "Thomas gone due to Shanahans ego" and went there to reply, but when I read LJP's post, followed by the usual sniping that populates LJP's threads I thought that maybe somewhere on this site ppl would want to discuss this issue like adults, so here is your chance..


Look there is a good chance I am wrong and you either enjoy the sniping on LJP's thread or are just sick of DT talk altogether, but it doesnt hurt to give the option.


I gotta say after reading the RI piece on Devin Thomas's release this really does look like an ego move by Shanahan.

Some key points from that post


He often made plays in practice after Shanahan took control of the football operation, and several Redskins players said Thomas could have helped the Redskins as a wideout.


So the players were behind him and he DID MAKE PLAYS




The demonstrative Thomas and Shanahan were simply a bad fit from the start. At times during practice, Shanahan admonished Thomas for thumping his chest after a big play or boasting to defensive backs he beat, said multiple people who observed them interact during practice throughout the offseason and preseason.


Read between the lines here, you have to see that for that quote to be true, (i.e. beating his chest after big plays or when he beat DB's) then he had to have had BIG PLAYS, and had to have BEATEN THE DB's.  This is where I start getting concerned.  If it was the not running precise Routes stuff that we kept hearing in the Zorn era then I could understand not playing him, (though not agree) but because he was demonstrative, I mean please... isn't that the definition of an NFL WR?  Plus its not like we are overflowing with talent at the position, I mean cant he throw him in for one drive and see if he contributes, such as against Phili when Armstrong could not catch a thing and Galloway couldn't get open, really we couldnt have just given him a go then??


Thomas also began modeling and acting careers on the side. Although Thomas insisted football would remain his focus, and he worked hard in the offseason and reported to training camp in outstanding shape, modeling and acting careers probably did not help him with Shanahan, the sources said.


Look nobody liked all these Pedicure shots of DT, for one thing they made him look like a complete Tool for want of a better word, who was ridiculously out of touch with the Fanbase and the esteem he was held in by the Football Fan world.  However again notice the part of that sentence that should be the focus but was glazed over.  HE WAS IN TERRIFIC SHAPE, so clearly he still did the work.  Plus arent we always complaining about Athletes who train 3 hours a day then play XBOX all afternoon, shouldnt we be encouraging these guys to have outside interests, even if they are interests that make them look like a goose.



Look, maybe Shanahan is right, god knows he has a lot more access to the information and analysis of these players than we have.  But I would have liked him to at least give the dude a go, before cutting him.  We saw this the last 2 years where Zorn would not give players an opportunity due to them not being precise or whatever, then when injury forced him to let them play, we saw Rhinehart was not as terrible as he appeared when given multiple snaps in a row to develop a rhythm, and we saw Sleepy and DT make some great plays down the stretch. 


Is that really too much to ask, give DT a chance to prove himself before cutting him, particularly when it appears from the reports that he was performing in a playmaking sense in practice and it was just off the field rubbish that got him canned.  Put it this way if he succeeds in Carolina where there QB situation is just awful, it will be indicative of his talent and frustrating to think of every time Galloway is unable to get open.


But maybe I'm wrong and he will be out of the league in 2 years, only one thing is certain, TIme Will Tell

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