What would my HH Friends Do??

For some of the newbies who are unaware, a bit of Background.


I am a mad keen Redskins fan, however i live in Australia, unlike DCtoAustralia, I am not an expat US citizen living overseas, in fact I am english and moved here when i was 10 years old. What I usually do is watch the 2 - 5 Skins games they show a year here and wake up and listen to the Radio Broadcast online for the rest of the games.


So this week I have a massive conundrum


This week is a TV game, however the TV network that has the rights also has the rights to 'The Commonwealth Games" which is a piss poor tournament, basically an Olympics for all the countrys that were/are part of the British Empire/Commonwealth.  So at the time of the game instead of showing us McNabb-Vick, Shanahan-Reid, Phili-Washington, I will be watching some pakistani race against a Antiguan in the pool, or if I am really lucky the 20th and 50th best long jumpers in the world go head to head for the Gold Medal.


However 28 hours later 9am Tuesday, they are showing the game.  So I can DVR the whole thing.


So here is my conundrum, do I do what I usually do when the game isnt televised and get up at 4am (or if its a 4:15 game 7am) to listen to the game, enjoy the live banter with all you guys on the game thread,  watch game highlights on, follow my Fantasy stuff live and then watch the game on DVR when I get home from work on Tuesday.

Or do I avoid internet and any other thing that may give me the score for 37 hours (remember I have to go to work when it is screened on delay 9am) then watch it on DVR without knowing the score.  Its always more enjoyable to watch the games not knowing the result, but 38 hours with no internet is tough, plus I will be desperate to know the result anyway of both that game and other games, as well as my Fantasy stuff..


Not sure if my dilemma is worthy of a Fanpost, however i did a post this week giving a synopsis of my Aussie Rules Teams rebuilding program so if you dont like this stuff I suppose you can just ignore it.


Anyway what i would really like to know is, if you were in my position what would you do?

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