What the next coach faces

well we all know Zorn is gone, and I've heard most of the staff. What we haven't heard is who is still here. I'd like to talk about what I think we need in a new coaching staff.

A lot has been made about the lack of continuity in offensive schemes but very little seems to be made about what's been going on the defensive side of the ball. I think we've all taken that for granted a little bit, and I think there is potential for a big letdown in the defense.

The Redskins have no identity on offense and since the departure of Williams, the defense has lost its edge as well.

If you have followed the Redskins for more than 10 years, you would know that we've always had a pretty decent secondary. I find myself now questioning not only the scheme but also the personnel of our current secondary. we play too deep with our secondary, our safeties miss tackles and can't cover, and we drop far too many interceptions.

We have a solid, but aging, middle linebacker. Rocky McIntosh is a keeper. Orakpo is out of position as a 4-3 OLB, he cannot cover. Please put Orakpo back at defensive end where he belongs. Haynesworth is a great defensive tackle when he is healthy, I think we need some depth at defensive tackle to cover for the times when he's not.

I don't believe we have the personnel to go to a 34 defense, but I also think we have holes to fill with a 43. The next Head Coach and/or defensive coordinator is going to have to make a decision as as to which way to go.

Yes, we have had quite a few head coaches in the last 10 to 15 years. Ever count how many defensive coordinators? Here are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, Mike Nolan, Ray Rhodes, Marvin Lewis, Greg Williams, Greg Blanche and who ever served under Spurrier and Schottenheimer, not much continuity there.

The NFC East is made up of four teams that play outside in inclement weather. Rain and snow and wind are frequently factors. I believe the best type of team to play in these conditions is a team like the early 80s Redskins, Steelers teams that had Jerome Bettis, current Carolina Panthers, and traditional giants teams; teams that look to run the ball and play good solid defense. The passing game of such teams is mostly vertical, not horizontal.

Offensively, I think we need to get back to smash mouth football. Build a dominating type offensive line, and put some between the tackles type runners behind it. Have depth at tight end, and productivity at wide receiver. An effective third-down back and or H-back is also a help. All you need is a quarterback who can manage the game. Redskins offenses of the 80s were frequently referred to by the media as Cadillacs. All you needed was a quarterback who could drive a Cadillac without wrecking it. Jason Campbell fits this bill perfectly and that's why he was drafted by Joe Gibbs. It was totally unfair and foolish to ask him to be a West Coast quarterback, his skill set is not right for that system.

So the question becomes, do we return to traditional Redskins football and hire a coach like Fox, Cowher, Madden or go with a different philosophy and hire a coach to reflect those values?

This is why don't want to see Shanahan as the next coach. We have no defensive coordinator, Shanahan brings one with him of dubious value. We don't have the personnel to fit Shanahan's offense, but to be truthful, we don't have the personnel to fit anyone's offense. My concern is the defense and I just don't think that a Shanahan regime is capable of keeping our perilous defense strong enough to win in the East.

We've got a big mess on our hands and I really think it's going to take a good three years to rebuild this team properly along either path. I just hope that Dan Snyder has the patience this time to do it right the fifth time, only time will tell.

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