Breaking Down the Senior Bowl (Redskins Positions of Interest)

This is my early break-down of the players we could possibly target who were playing in the 2010 senior bowl played Saturday, Jan 30th. I was breaking down the OL, RB, and QB positions the most, with an eye on CB's and OLB/DE as well. I'll list the players based upon priority position, starting with the OL, and moving down the list. I will list players in order of how I felt they performed during the game, as well as practice reports from the week. The hights and weights were the ones that were taken during the week leading up to the game.


Sam Young(ND) 6-8 320 - Easily the most impressive of all the OT's in the game. Young showed excellent footwork in both pass and run blocking. He does tend to get a bit high in run blocking, but this is something that can be refined in the NFL. Grade - A

Ciron Black(LSU) 6-5 331 - Ciron Started the game off well, showing good footwork, and the ability to get to the second level on backers.  His performance changed drastically after the first quarter as he was repeadtily beaten off the edge. He performance only proves what I have said about him for the last 3 months; he is not a LT in the NFL. His best position may be RT or G. Grade - C-

Selvish Capers(WVU) 6-5 304 - I hate to say it but Capers looked terrible in this game. He was beaten badly in both the run and passing game. Brandon Graham form Mich made him look like a high school player. He really hurt his draft stock. Grade - D

Ed Wang(VTech) 6-5 309 - I didn't think it was possible to look much worse than Capers, but Black may have been just that.  Grade - D


Jon Asamoah(Illinois) 6-5 315 - Played solid in run blocking. Struggled a little in pass protection.  Has good strength, and punch off the ball. Plays a little high.  Grade - B

Mike Johnson(Alabama) 6-5 306 -  Looked poor playing against a stellar North D-line, but did show some potential later in the game as he settled down a bit. Showed good strenght in the run game, and playes low for a guy his size.  Needs to work on his footwork at the next level.  Grade - C

Mike Iupati(Idaho) 6-6 325 - Iupati was the most talked about linemen coming into the game. There was even talk about him playing T in the NFL.  He was a hugh disapointment in this game.  He was called multiple time for holding, and was consistantly beaten inside by both the speed rush and the bull rush.  Needs to sit back in his stance and use his hands and feet better in pass protection. Tends to be a waist bender. Look better at LG than at RG. Looked ok, not stellar in run blocking.  Will need a good combine and pro day to elevate his stock again. As of now, I wouldn't touch him in the 2nd rd.  Grade - C-



LeGarrette Blount(Oregon) 6-2 240  -  Showed a great burst, and exceptional power running the ball both between the tackles, and outside.  Lowered his head and delivered the blow to linebackers and safities. Will need to have a solid pro day and run a good 40 time to help elevate his draft stock. He really helped himself in this game.  Grade - B+

Ben Tate(Auburn) 5-10 214 - Although his had limited carries, Tate flashed good speed and excellent cutting ability. Has a nice combination of size and speed. Is a mid round sleper. Grade - B

Staffon Johnson(USC) 6-0 214 - Johnson was the feel good storie of the Senior Bowl.  Being able to return to football after his horrific weightlifting accident was amazing.  Johnson didn't get a chance to truely showcase his talents, but he certainly showed NFL teams his determination and will power. He should come into the NFL with something to prove, and could be a great late Rd pickup.  Grade - B

Dexter McCluster(Ole Miss) 5-8 165 - McCluster was one of the most exciting players in the country in the second half of the season.  He can play multiple positions on offense, and is also very dangerous as a kick returner.  His size and durability are definitly a concern, and this came to fruition in the 3rd qtr when he was popped and fumbled the football. He is great in space, and NFL teams will have to find creative ways to get the ball in his hands.  Grade - C



Dan LeFevor(Cent Mich) 6-3 238  -  Lefevor really showed NFL scouts his potential. Once he settled down he showed great accuracy and touch on the deep ball, and a strong arm on the skinny post and comeback route. The TD he threw to Gilyard was a thing of beauty. He also showed good mobility both inside and outside the pocket. Needs to work on accuracy at the next level.  Grade - B+ 

Zach Robinson(Ok St) 6-2 210  -  Robinson was the most productive of all the QB's but much of his production came when the South was well behind. Showed above-average arm strength on throws across the middle. Accuracy was descent admist a fierce North pass rush.  Grade - B

Sean Canfield(Ore St) 6-4 214 - Had a descent 2nd qtr showing good accutracy and touch. Doesn't have the srtongest arm, so he will need to make up for that with good footwork, mechanics and accuracy in the NFL. Worthy of late Rd consideration.  Grade - C

Tim Tebow(Florida) 6-2 236  -  Tebow was the most scrutinized QB coming into the game. He struggled early on in practice, and really didn't show much in the game. He was under constant pressure form the North D-line so that didn't help his cause. He showed some zip on the deep comeback, but his overall accuracy needs work. He also fumbled twice. He will be a project, but if he gets with the right team, it may be one worth the time.  Grade - C-

Tony Pike(Cinn) 6-6 225  -  Pike never settled down and got into a rhythm.  He was inaccurate on both short and intermediate throws, and did not seem comfortable stepping up into the pocket to deliver the football. Tends to throw off his back foot too often. Is going to be a major project. Will need a good combine and pro day to get into the top 3 rounds. Grade - C-


Eric Olsen(ND) 6-5 305 - Overall Olsen looked good. He show some problems with his reach block, and was overpowered by Alabama's Terrance Cody and Dan Williams from Tennessee, but he showed the ability and punch to knock him man off the ball, then peel off to the second level.  Grade - B-

Matt Tennant(BC) 6-4 294 - Looked solid. Had a problem against the bull rush, but otherwise showed good athleticism and tenasity.  Grade - B-

Jeff Byers(USC) 6-3 299 - Had a good first quarter, showing great mobility on reach blocks, and the ability to pull and lead block around the corner. Struggled with the bull rush.  Can play either C or G in the NFL. Could be a good late round steal.  Grade - C+


Others of Interest:

Brandon Graham(Mich) DE 6-2 263  -  Graham was the most dominate player on either roster, garnering him player of the game honors.  He made Black and Capers look very bad.  He was a constant disruptive force, and was in the South backfield all day long.  Could project as a 3-4 OLB in the mold of fellow wolverine LaMar Woodley.  Grade - A+

Dan Williams(Tenn)  DT 6-2 329  -  Showed excellent speed and power from his DT position. Is a space eater who can also get penetration.  May have played his way into the first rd with his performance.  Grade - A

Patrick Robinson(Fl St)  CB 5-11 19-  -  Was the most impressive of the DB in this game. Showed excellent cove skills and very fluid hips to be able to turn and run with recievers. Was constantly in the recievers hip pocket. I'll be interested to see how he tests at the combine and his pro day. Could be a late first, early second rd pick.  Grade - B+

Mardy Gillyard(Cinn)  WR 6-1 187  -  Easily the most impressive WR in the game.  Gillyard showed good speed, and the ability to seperate from defenders.  He made a great catch in his touchdown from LeFevor, and showed good adjustment on a few other catches.  Finished the game with 5 catches for over 100yds and a TD. Also showed good return skills. Announcers compared him to DeShawn Jackson.  Grade - B+

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