How to have a good offensive line in 2010 or

Composite Offensive Line Scores.  Free agents together with the 1st round, 4th and 2nd round pick the Redskins could have a better than average offensive line.

This is an effort to develop offensive line talent evaluation information.  There are some assumption that are implied such as the expectation that a player will perform at the same level in the following season.
First off, Pro Football Focus (PFF) information is standardized to eliminate negative numbers for individual players.  Each offensive lineman’s "overall rating" is used to devise a score by adding 100 plus 2 times the player’s overall rating.  For instance, Joe Thomas has an overall rating of 35.2.   His score in this scheme of things becomes 170 [100+2(35.2)].  An average teams OL would have a composite offensive line score of 500,i.e., 100 for each position on the line.  PFF has information on snaps for each lineman. Snaps can be used to prorate a position when more than one OL played that position in the season.  There needs to be another adjustment if the lineman player more than one position in the season.

PFF statistics are available from 2007-2009.

I will not critique the quality of PFF information at this point, but team information developed could be tested using Football Outsiders information for offensive line performance.  It would take a considerable amount of time to develop composite offensive line scores for 32 teams.

A New England Patriots composite offensive line scores:
New England Patriots [depth chart -]: Left Tackle [LT (8), RT (4) SebastianVollmer and LT (11), RT (0) Matt Light]; Left Guard [LG (16), RG (0) Logan Mankins]; Center [C (16) Dan Koppen];  [Right Guard [LG (0), RG (12) Steve Neal and 4 games/] Right Tackle [LT (0), RT (14) Nick Kaczur].  The first thing that is obvious is that games for LT, RT, and RG do not equal 16 games. Guards - Dan Connolly, G, played in 14 games and started 4; Rich Ohrnberger G played in 3 games. Other OL played 2 games at right tackle (Vollmer,  T, 4 games; Mark LeVoir,T, 10 games) since the number of snaps at left tackle exceeds the snaps at center by 411. LT calculation 110 = (95x .63)+(135 x .37). Composite offensive line score - LT [110]+ LG [134]+ C [103]+ RG [149]+ RT [102]= 598.  This is a reasonable estimate given the PFF information readily available.

Scenarios for the Redskins:
LT [??]+LG[106]+C[87]+RG [??]+RT [??] Fill in the question marks with selections below.

Unrestricted Free agent guards: 1) Rex Hadnot, age 27, RG, Ranked 17 of all guards (9 games in 2009) PFF adjusted score 113. Played last 9 games of 2009, but the first of these was not good on run blocking.
2) Eugene Amano, age 27, LG, Ranked 51st of all guards. First game was his worst.  Had good numbers on pass protection (sacks, hits, and pressures).  Generally scored higher on run blocking. PFF adjusted score 98.
3)Stephen Neal, age 33, RG, 2nd ranked guard, PFF adjusted score 149. 4) Bobby Williams, age  33, 5th ranked guard, PFF adjusted score 136. 5) Wade Smith, age 28, RG/C, PFF adjusted score 89. He did better in the 2nd half of the season after shifting from left tackle to right guard - Other Redskins: Chad Rinehart, PFF adjusted score 98 -;
Will Montgomery, PFF adjusted score 90 – Weakest on run blocking -;
Mike D. Williams, PFF adjusted score 80, much better at guard than tackle, running blocking better than pass blocking-
Unrestricted Free agent tackles: 1) Barry Sims, age 35, LT, PFF adjusted score 95 -;
2) Tony Pashos, age 29, played 5 games of which the first was by far the worst. PFF adjusted score 106 –;
3) Langston Walker, age 30, RT/LG, PFF adjusted score 98 -;
4) Chad Clifton, age 33, LT, PFF adjusted score 85, better on pass blocking than run blocking, missed games 3, 4, 5, 7,and 8, penalties against Lions knock score down –;
5) Cornell Green, age 33, RT, PFF adjusted score 84, missed games 5-9, heavy penalties reduced score –;
6) Artis Hicks, age 31, LT/LG/RG/RT, PFF adjusted score 96, played about ¼ a seasons snaps -;
7) Mark Tauscher, age 32, RT, played about half a seasons snaps, team delayed activating after 2008 season injury, PFF adjusted score 88 -

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