Mike Shanahan + Reggie Bush = Pro Bowl


Reggie Bush is a highlight reel. He has the potential to be a Pro Bowl player. He is also a versatile player. He can run the ball, he can catch, and he can return kicks and punts. He is also a game changing player, which is something the Redskins need desperately. This offseason, due to his 13.5 million dollar contract, he could be released. In that event I would like to see the Redskins acquire Reggie Bush. For those of you who would disagree at least hear me out.

1.) We have no game changer on offense besides Santana Moss. But, regretfully he is starting to lose a step. For the first time ever I watched Moss get caught be a linebacker.  If we are going to have a good offense the Redskins will need at least 2-3 game changers (home run hitters) on offense.


Example: Saints – Reggie Bush, Drew Brees

Cowgirls- Miles Austin, Felix Jones

Viking- Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice

Texans- Steve Slaton, Andre Johnson,

 Chargers- Darren Sproles Vincent Jackson


2.) Also the Redskins don't have a punt returner. Bush would assume that job immediately. ARE should never return another punt as a Redskin again.

3.) Mike Shanahan has made 1000 yard running backs out of Olandis Gary, Reuben Droughns, Mike Anderson, and Tatum Bell. Reggie Bush is a serious upgrade over all of these guys. Sometimes a player doesn’t work in a certain scheme. I’m positive Mike Shanahan and Bobby Turner can put together the scheme that they ran in Denver. This in turn, could help Reggie Bush reach his potential as a running back.

4.) With the acquisition of Bush we would gain a punt returner, and a game changing running back and a good receiver. Those are important pieces we will need if we are going to ever be successful again.


5.) If we were to acquire Bush off of free agency, then he wouldn’t cost us any draft picks and his contract would be reduced.


The Redskins need a game changer in the worst way. We lack excitement and a dominating offense. We have become boring and predictable on offense. Opposing defenses know that if you keep Santana Moss contained that we really are not a threat. Reggie bush would be that other threat. He would be the guy who would keep opposing defenses on their toes and fans at the edges of their seats.


Note: Before anyone says anything about the offensive line; I am assuming the redskins add new starting through both the free agency and the draft.

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