2010 Schedule


Next year we have the NFC North, AFC South, + Tampa Bay and St. Louis. This schedule has both strong and weak points with powerhouse Indy and a couple up-and-comings, but I can see us thriving in this schedule next year. How the games are slated home vs away this schedule looks very appealing. Danny's move to up-one Jerry Jones and the cowgirls by throwing up 100ft LED screens are bound to bring sell-out crowds and make FedEx an even more fearsome place to play. On a side note how many times does say "punter-proof", overkill anyone? Aside from our 0-6 NFC East record (puke) this year, there's a lot of hope for our out of division schedule.



Indianapolis Colts-Need I say anything? They have the best record of the decade and I don't see any reason they are slowing. Possible Super Bowl Champs. We need this one at home.

Green Bay Packers- if we were to play them in Lambeau (any time of the year) I would automatically mark this as a loss. My pick to win their division next year they are a strong team and should revamp their O-Line so that Rodgers can live to see another year. The timeless Donald Driver will still be their go to, and for now our best shot at competition is a home match. This is a game I'm worried about but facing them at home waters it down.

Texans-Schaub has been making alot of quiet noise down in Houston and I thought this was their breakout year. Missed the playoffs by a smidge, but next year they'll finish top 2 in their division. Their first winning season in franchise history will lead to another especially with DeMeco Ryans still there leading their D. Fortunate to see them at home, although this is a team that could break out.

Minnesota Vikings-NFC runner ups, need I say more. Yes, Brett Favre will likely be nestled in Mississippi by this time next year but that guy with a 28 on their back will still be around.  Jared Allen has become a monster and there is nothing more frightening than having our new rookie LT match up against him. They won't be as strong as they are this year (or competitive) if Tavarius Jackson (Quincy Carter) takes their starting spot.

Tampa Bay- This one I'm pretty excited for. Josh Freeman and Cadillac Williams finished the season pretty sluggish as did their team in general. I hope we get this matchup early on in the season, this could be a quick momentum booster.




Tennessee Titans- Yes they came on strong at the end of this season with CJ breaking the 2,000 mark, but their weapons are limited beyond this. Their number one target for their successful half of the season was Kenny Britt who not to discredit him was a rookie and could face a sophomore slump as he's doubled in his emergence to their #1. Not that scared.

Jacksonville Jaguars-They didn't succeed this year because they are a one threat team and I don't see that radically changing. A London vs MJD matchup will be exciting. As for this being an away game it is the easiest stadium to play in the NFL. The Jacksonville franchise just isn't there. Unless they are a contender next year and we see them in their final game the crowd will resemble that of the Raiders yet instead of being clinically crazy this is just a collection of white trash (sorry Jax).

Chicago Bears-For the longest time this year I wished their could be a Redskins Bears matchup. There are no two better losers in the league than these two teams, we're both just damn good at making dumb mistakes combined with poor coaching to lose matches. I see the change of those two previous problems happening more on the Washington side of things than up in Chicago.

Detroit Lions-I'm not going to say we can beat them, we already proved ourselves wrong with that one.  They still only won 2 games this year, and our boys are going to walk into Ford Field with more than just a chip on our shoulder.

St. Louis Rams-They won one game this year.....against the Lions^. Even with strong changes I'm not gonna lose sleep over this one.


My Toughness Rankings of Opponents

1. Colts (HOME)

2. Packers (HOME)

3. Texans (HOME)

4. Vikings (HOME)

5. Titans (AWAY)

6. Jaguars (AWAY)

7. Bears (AWAY)

8. Bucs (HOME)

9. Lions (AWAY)

10. Rams (AWAY)


This past year we only won 1 HOME GAME.  Not only is that pathetic, but it was at Oakland which was blacked out and might as well be void. Out of ten out of division games this upcoming season our four most difficult are all home. My spin on things, looking for optimism is easy when you can only go up.

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