2010 Unrestricted Free Agents not on the OL.....

I have compiled a list of some, in my opinion, solid UFAs for this offseason.  I am sure some will be resigned and some may actually be RFAs this year (I tried to sort them out), but want to get a discussion going about who has value for us on this list.  I have left out OL simply for the fact.....I don't know enough about most of them and it has and will continue to be discussed at nausea.....rightfully so! Check out the list and some of my thoughts after the jump!  Before I get jumped on, this is not a complete list.....just some names that stood out to me.  Also.....just because I listed them....DOES NOT mean I want them.  If I missed someone that has value in your opinion, add into the comments and let's talk about it!




Kyle Boller                            StLouis Rams

David Carr                            New York Giants

Daunte Culpepper               Detroit Lions

Rex Grossman                     Houston Texans

JP Losman                            Oakland Raiders

Josh McCown                      Carolina Panthers

Chad Pennington                 Miami Dolphins




Larry Johnson                     Cincinnati Bengals

Willie Parker                         Pittsburgh Steelers

Chester Taylor                     Minnesota Vikings




Antonio Bryant                     Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lee Evans                             Buffalo Bills

Michael Jenkins                   Atlanta Falcons

Terrell Owens                       Buffalo Bills

Kelley Washington              Baltimore Ravens




LJ Smith                                  Baltimore Ravens

Jerame Tuman                      Arizona Cardinals




Sebastian Janikowski         Oakland Raiders




Hunter Smith                          Washington Redskins

Mitch Berger                          Denver Broncos



Lorenzo Alexander                Washington Redskins

Phillip Daniels                         Washington Redskins

Casey Hampton                     Pittsburgh Steelers

Brett Keisel                             Pittsburgh Steelers

Adewale Ogunleye                Chicago Bears

Domata Peko                          Cincinnati Bengals

Richard Seymour                   Oakland Raiders

Kyle Williams                          Denver Broncos




James Harrison                      Pittsburgh Steelers

Aaron Kampman                   Green Bay Packers

Chike Okeafor                        Arizona Cardinals

DJ Williams                              Denver Broncos




Dre Bly                                      San Francisco 49ers

Ryan Clark                              Pittsburgh Steelers

Terence Newman                  Dallas Cowboys

Darren Sharper                      New Orleans Saints

Antoine Winfield                     Minnesota Vikings



 As far as the QBs go.....I would like us to keep JC....unless we get a GREAT offer for him and Shannahan doesn't think he is the one!  I wouldn't mind seeing us pick up pretty much any of the QBs above to put behind JC or even have an open competition to see if we can push Campbell over the top.  If we get rid of JC and draft a QB.....we need to sign one of these guys for stability.  I don't think Collins is the answer if there is a catastrophe but I could be wrong.

At RB....I think we need youth and speed from the draft.  Out of the three I listed above....I would have to pick Chester Taylor if we were to sign one.  He is the only one on the list that doesn't have extensive injuries or could be a bad locker room influence!

At WR.....I like what we have as far as youth in Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and Marko Mitchell.  I think the end of this past season shows, that when thrust into the spotlight, all of these guys have the potential to get it done.  We just need patience.  However......I would like to see ARE gone and maybe Moss.  I think getting rid of Moss, if he has decent value in a trade, will help Campbell if he stays.  Moss and Cooley are his main guys.....and forcing the ball to Moss gets us in trouble.  This would force him to develop a better report with the young guys.  If we get rid of ARE or Moss....we need veteran role player.  I wouldn't mind an Antonio Bryant or Lee Evans but think that someone like a Kelley Washington would be sufficient.  He has been a 3rd-5th receiver his whole career but has shown ability as well as making the most of opportunities w/out being a cancer (it helps that I know him from my car club days in Winchester).

As far as TE.....I like where we are at with Cooley, Davis, and Yoder.  If the FO decides to send Cooley away for picks or players.....I think drafting a guy in the 4-6thround would be suffice but if either Smith or Tuman were available at the right price, could be good to shore up the TE position.

At DE and's hard to know where to go, not knowing what defense we will be running.  I want Orakpo rushing the passer......period.  Whether it's as an OLB in a 3-4 or a DE in a 4-3.......that's what he needs to be doing and what he wants to do.  I like Carter but age is coming into question.  If we can resign Lorenzo and get Jarmon healthy and productive....we have some decent skill there.  I wouldn't mind bringing in a younger guy later in the draft but all the picks are so precious....not sure if it is justified.  We already have Haynesworthin the middle....and depending on the defense not sure we need any more depth at DT with Montgomery and Golston being RFAs.

LB pretty much matches the above issue!  What defense will we be running?  I love Fletcher no matter what the defense is and McIntosh has proven solid.  Blades has shown he is versatile enough and has the heart to play any position.  I am not sold on any of the other youth we have yet, and want Orakpo at DE if we stay in a 4-3.  Youth would be good but adding another veteran like Okeafor or DJ Williams would be nice, again, if the price is right.  I don't think we need a big name like a Harrison back there although we all know what he is capable of in an aggressive 3-4..

At DB.....this is where I struggle to keep my composure.  I know our defense ranked high.....but I feel like if we had better DB's....the Skins would have been untouchable.  Some may disagree, but I think we need a stud at CB.  I miss Champ Bailey.....having a guy that could take away half the field instead of giving it up on double moves.  Unfortunately....I feel like this is also the position (next to QB) that is completely hit or miss.  It's so hard to project how good a corner can be that the risk is high.  Obviously an Antoine Winfield type would be great if Rogers were to leave.  We can all keep our fingers crossed that Barnes develops over the off-season. to step up on the other side.  I think Tryon has talent but will end up being more of a slot/nickel type corner because of his size.  Safety is where we need impact.  We need a FS so Landry can go to SS.  Landry is a huge liability in deep coverage and although he is one of the best pure athletes on the team.....FS is just not for him.  I would love to see Ryan Clark come back home to Washington.  I wouldn't mind seeing Eric Berry here either......but the #4 pick holds maybe too much value for a FS pick.

Then at kicker and punter.....I really don't care who is back there.....they don't have to be the best.  As long as they can average 43+ yards a punt and consistently kick within 40 yards, bring em' in. 


Alright, it's everyone elses turn.  Who do you see or not see that would have a tremendous value for our team?  What have I said that you think is asinine?  Are there RFAs that you feel are worth the picks and money we would have to give up?

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