Trade, Trades and more trades.

I wanted to write this post to address some current suggestions surrounding some of the veterans that make up the core of this team, and what, if any trade value they could have to other teams looking to improve certain areas of their football teams. 


First, I wanted to recognize the state of this years NFL draft class.  Although not the most talented at the top, this draft class boasts one of the deepest group of collegiate prospect in a decade.  Besides Suh, there doesn't seem to be that can't miss prospect in the top 10 this year.  There is, however, an abundance of talent(and strating calibur talent) laden throughout the first 3 rounds.  The positions that are the deepest are DT, OL, DE.  The needs of the Redskins certainly fall into one of these catagories; offensive linemen. 


After looking at the draft class, I wanted to identify the immediate needs of our team going into the offseason.  First and foremost is the OL.  Two OT prospects and a solid G are needed this offseason.  Second is the issue surrounding our QB.  Is JC the answer? Do we draft a QB this year? These are all questions that will soon be answered.  This years QB class lack both top end talent and depth.  The only 2 QB that should warrent 1st Rd consideration are Bradford and Clausen.  Bradford, I believe has all-pro make-up, and given the right tutlidge, could be an immediate starter in the league for the next decade.  Clausen, I have my doubts, but given the right system(ie Seattle), he could suceed.  After these two, the class takes a considerable fall off.


Now, given the overall depth of this draft, esxpecially at OL, I wanted to take a look atv some trade scenerios that could be option for the Redskins this offseason. 


The following are players that could become expendable, and what type of return I would guess we could get for them:

1. Cooley - 2nd rd pick

Two good TE's is a luxery, not a necessity.  Cooley could easliy get us a 2nd and possibly a later rd pick to go with that.  I like what I saw from Davis this season. He is both younger and more athletic than CC, and I would rather part with the older player, than the younger one.  CC however is one of my favorite Redskins, so loosing him would certainly hurt a bit.

2. Rodgers - 2nd rd pick

whether we tendered him, and let him go, or sign him, and offered him as trade bait, we should be able to get a 2nd for him.  We do have some depth(although young) in Tryon, and Barnes that could step in to replace Rodgers.

3. Campbell - 2nd rd pick

again, wheter tendered and let go, or re-signed and traded, JC should be able to get us a 2nd, and maybe later rd pick.  We would have no depth at QB, and would be forced to take one early in the draft, but with the depth at OL in this years draft, we would be able to use those 2 second rounders to really help improve our OL.

4. Portis - 3rd rd pick

An aging and beat-up portis could still thrive in a running back by committee approach with a new team. I believe he still has enough value to get us a 3rd in return for his services. With that 3rd we could pick up a younger, more explosive back in the draft.  Staffon Johnson would be a good fit, although we still may be able to get him later in the draft. We could also look C or G with a 3rd.

5. Moss - 3rd or 4th

At age 30, Moss can still play.  He could be an excellent option for a tean lacking a big play type of reciever that can still stretch defenses, and occasionally command a double team.  With some of the young WR's we have, loosing Moss would not kill us(though it could cetrainly hurt). We would prob have to sign a FA WR like Kevin Walter from the Texans to provide veteran leadership, or depth.

These 5 players are the ones I believe we could afford to loose, and also give us the most in return to build a new foundation for the future.

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