New regime, new fan... and a big fat thank you... One Time

January 06, 2010. Mike Shanahan takes the helm. Thus, my fanship of the Washington Rdskins has begun.

I remember telling my friend Bruce ( a fellow die-hard Bronco fan) during the post-season of the ’07 football year that I thought Mike should be fired. I was called crazy. One year later, Mike left.

Now I could easily say that I predicted things, and you can’t prove me wrong. Try it. Give up? OK, I win.

But you just neverthemind. Instead, my point is that although I felt Shanahan needed dismissed, I’m still here. I’m a new fan of Washington, and that’s because of him. I’m a fan of a new team because of the same guy that I thought should be fired. Why? Good question.

Well in answer, I felt that he grew complacent. He was no longer able to look outside the box in Denver. I could further explain, but rather than bore you with the past, I’ll just say that whatever his problems in Denver, I believe he has since fixed them by taking a season to evaluate… he took a season to look outside the box.

I came here to be a fan of the Washington Redskins. I came here because of Mike Shanahan, an amazing coach that will not disappoint. But to bring it back, I’d like to stress that loyalty is the biggest bone in my body, which turns out to be hard to prove as I’ve sort of just jumped ship.

Yet let this be said, I have never before had another team that I’ve ever been a fan of. Not ever. And my loyalty would never allow me to leave the Redskins behind, not even if Shanahan were to move on. I’m here. I’m a fan for life.

And that, my friends, brings me to my point… my reason for writing this post, and even yet, after a paragraph or two, I’ll underline this further.

It’s no secret that I’m new here. It’s no secret that I’m not as well versed in the intricacies of the inner workings of Redskins football as many of you.

I like to think I know my football. But I’m also humble enough to admit that I’m still very ignorant when it comes to Redskins depth and youth. Without that knowledge, my opinions are weak. I know that, and I pledge to learn. I promise to listen more than lecture. And I promise to slow down the F-Bombs and the curses.

OK. So here it is. My posts have been, and will continue to be, very opinionated. Can’t help it. I don’t want to. I guess I sorta got hit with the ‘I think I’m right’ stick. Those opinions that I pen differ from many. And many intelligent debates have and will continue to ensue. Yet, It would be easy for somebody who disagrees to simply say, “What the F**k do you know! You’ve been a fan for like a month, you’re a band wagon jumper who knows nothing about Redskins Football!”

And even still yet, nobody has ever said that. Nobody on this site has ever made me to feel like an outsider. Nobody has even implied it. I post much, and give opinions to the degree of annoyance. Yet, nobody rubs in the fact that I’m new. Nobody has ever pushed the notion of my ignorance.

My ideas and opinions will continue. I know no other way. But I want to be sure to say one time, that these fans of ours, to each of you reading: You’re classy. I’m proud to be a part of that. From January 06, and until forever, with or without Mike Shanahan. I salute you. Through thick and thin, losing seasons and Super Bowls, and until my hair turns grey… I’ll never leave you. And even a special shout out to many of you who I’ve talked to:  Thank you for accepting me as one of your own.

I will never bring this up again. Go Skins!


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