Seeing in to the future ;)


*this is not in ANY supposed to be taken serious*

I have so far with great enjoyment and a little more that a few headshakes, read everyones good friend, LetJasonPass' many, many threads. But I think we all pretty much have dicovered by now, that Jason Campbell is the greatest thing since bread became sliced, and that every team in the league, should be dying to get "TheLeathalWeapon" Joshua Cribbs. So maybe it's time to move on.

So I started thinking, what will LJP's next offer to the Redskins community be. And I think I have found the answer.

I have "very seriously" looked at what links the players LJP root for together, and have come up with a very scientific conclusion...

(J)ason (C)ampbell
(J)oshua (C)ribbs

It would seem that LJP really likes players with the initials JC ;)

So I have put it upon my self to try to see into the future, and have come up with some possible LJP prospects, that might just very soon get a lot of attention on this board...

Here goes:

Jay Cutler (QB - Chicago Bears)
Well it might not ring well with LJP to bring another QB to Redskins, but let's face it. Besides for the JC initials, Jay "misunderstood" Cutler has alot going for him in the LJP analogy. He's an amazing QB, but no ones seems to understand him, and understand that it's not his fault that he isn't playing very well? And the argument could be made that we could bring him in as an extra QB, so we would be able to switch between him and Campbell, just like it was suggested with Campbell and Cribbs.

John Carlson (TE - Seattle Seahawks)
This guy got a lot of things going for him. He has been able to catch passes from Qb's like Charlie Frye, he is a young strong TE, and he wouldn't he just be great in a 3-TE lineup at the Redskins?? And in 2008 he led the Seahawks in both receptions and recieving yards, and that hasn't been done by a rookie on the Seahawks team since Steve Largent...

Jeromey Clary (OL - San Diego Chargers)
This guy haven't got that much going for him, but he gets a mention anyway. That's because we actually have a need for OL guys, and he's a RFA, so there's a chance that we can actually get your hands on him. With that said, he is injured, but that's not a bad thing, since then he's probably cheaper ;)

Jerricho Cotchery (WR - New York Jets)
This guy is the bomb, besides from beeing an all-round good reciever this guy has something money can not buy. He got 6 fingers on the left hand. This means potentially, that if we trade for him, we can free up one finger worth of rooster place, that we then can use on an extra finger for another reciever, or maybe even an extra finger space for a OL man :)

Other prospects:

TE Casey, James  HOU
LS Cain, Jeremy  JAC
TE Cook, Jared  TEN
OLB Corto, Jon  BUF
RB Charles, Jamaal  KC
LS Condo, Jon  OAK
DE Cesaire, Jacques  SD 
DT Cohen, Joe  DET
C Cooper, Jon MIN
OLB Casillas, Jonathan  NO
DE Charleston, Jeff NO
G Compas, Jonathan TB
DT Clark, Jeremy ARI

As you can see it's going to be a long and exicting off season following the wonderful LJP...


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