Some players I think the Redskins should pursue....

Brian Robison, backup DE, Vikings: 3rd year player with a great attitude and athleticism. In a 3-4 scheme, he is quick enough to cover RBs out of the backfield and drop into pass coverage. He has played behind Jared Allen for 2 seasons, and resembles a poor-mans Allen. Robison would be perfect as an outside linebacker or a DE playing alongside Haynesworth. 6-3, 259 lbs, 10 tackles and 4.5 sacks. 

Matt Jones, former WR, Jaguars: out of the league for a year for cocaine problem, but Jones is not a locker room cancer. Just a mellow, laid back, southern hippie. He obviously was not worthy of a 1st round pick, nor will he ever make the pro bowl, or ever be a teams deep threat. But the man can run a seven yard slant. Assuming we keep Moss, Kelly, and Thomas, Matt Jones would be perfect as a change of pace receiver to work the weak-side of the field. Think Ed McCaffrey back in the day for the Broncos (and not just because they are both white).

Shawn Merriman, OLB, Chargers: at this point, he is only a role player. But, he will only be 26 at the start of next year, and always, always, plays hard. Why not bring him home? The Chargers will be looking for more impact at that position, so he may be expendable. It is worth the Redskins at least pursuing. He will never be a star on a great team, but again, playing alongside Haynesworth, he can help take the pressure off Orakpo and Macintosh. 

Marcus Stroud, DT, Buffalo Bills: the veteran will almost certainly be cut by the Bills, and the Redskins should pounce on him. Stroud is 31, so we could only rely on him for 10 plays a game tops, but from my eyes the man can still eat up blocks. Jay Ratliff had such a great year this year because of Igor Olshanky. In the 3-4, we need to find a large DT who can play alongside or sub in for Haynesworth just as Olshanky did for Ratliff.

Davon Bess, WR, Dolphins: will cost more than the other players I am guessing, since he played so well down the stretch for them, and the Dolphins have Bill Parcells running the team, not Vinny Cerato. But, he is a Restricted FA, so, he may be worth splurging a little. He is already more accomplished (and probably better) than Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelley. 

Jared Gaither/Donald Penn/Marcus McNeal: I know its a stretch, but I would advise using Snyder's money to sign 2 of these 3, and then draft Russell Okung, and allow Okung to develop behind them. With Shanahan's system, technique/veteran tricks are almost as important as size/strength. Gaither has looked great this season for the Ravens. I have not seen much of Penn, but people seem to think of very highly of him. I did not watch Marcus McNeal close enough as a rookie to be able to say (just like everyone else has) that he has regressed the past two years, but he just turned 26, and has started 62 out of a possible 64 games over his career. I think he is worth taking a chance on.

Ken Lucas, DB, Seahawks: again, I did not see him play last year, but over the course of his career he's been one of my favorite corners. He is tall, durable, and loves to tackle, making him a perfect nickle. 

Graig Cooper, RB, Miami Hurricanes: he has yet to declare, and in fact just town his ACL, so he will likely miss most of 2010 anyway, which means the Redskins can nab him in the 5th rounds. When he is healthy, he has "getaway" speed. Screen passes were invented for players like Cooper. 

Feel free to add to the list. As I am sure you can tell, I tried to limit this to players that won't break the bank. We don't need Brandon Marshall or Julius Peppers. We need depth. And patience. 

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