It's the Line Stupid

All the talk about QB's, dynamic players (game changers as some call them), special teams, defensive schemes and coaches it really comes down to one thing in the NFL: The offensive line!

An old(&new) political mantra was "It's the economy, Stupid" :Which for politicians should be easy to understand and adopt because people are happy if they are working, making and spending money. 

It's not quite as elementary for football people to see and understand because it's so easy to get enamored with the next great QB, RB, Defensive Back, or WR but in the End

The Redskins of all teams should understand and be aware of the importance of a solid offensive line, considering the 3 superbowls the Redskins won were all because of solid and exceptional line play.  To digress a little,  as much as we hear everyday that Football is a team sport the Hall of fame only places individuals into it's halls.  Hopefully, Russ Grimm makes it this year but I am confident if the Hall of Fame placed "groups", the HOGS would have been a first ballet entry and in my opinion and others , "groups" should be in the Hall of Fame because football is a team sport and some groups have been very special.

The now departed Vinny did not get this; his (or Snyders) decision to not focus on the line has placed the franchise where it currently is as a  4-12 team with little hopes of that changing quickly unless a miracle occurs with the offensive line. 

In the last five drafts the Redskins have selected one offensive lineman, Chad Rinehart, while I believe Chad can be a solid NFL gaurd if he can return from his injury to only have one draft selection in the last five years is beyond foolish, it's hopeless and thank goodness the new coach and front office realize this, at least based on their past records. 

Mike Shanahan drafted a lineman in all but one of his drafts in Denver, selecting 17 overall.  I like Russel Okung at the #4 spot but if he is not available (or another lineman does not grade a top-5 pick) I'm for the Redskins trading the #4 pick to get more draft picks.  The Redskins could draft all linemen this year and it would not be an excess, yes other areas need addressing but the line needs to be revamped and fixed to allow the Redskins to become competitive.  College players Bruce Campbell, Bryan Bulaga, Selvish Capers, Charles Brown or Jared Veldheer could all be solid players the redskins could trade back and draft 2 or 3 during the first 2 rounds.  In the later rounds selecting potential players, suchas a Jason Fox who may drop due to injury.  The draft has to be used to correct the line with no CBA in place (which is what the Redskins want as an organization to clear out the mistakes of the past 10 years on outlandish contracts) the free agent opportunities will be very limited, some opportunities do exist with a Donald Penn from Tampa or Chris Kuper from Denver but overall the FA market will be very limited.

So here at HH and other places the debate can go on about the QB, WR, game changers and other high visability positions but until the Redskins address the offensive line the team will continue to struggle!  It was a good sign that the first player the new group signed was an OL, we will see in FA and the draft....because

IT’S THE LINE STUPID!  Mike and Bruce I think get that!

Inspiration for this post from: John Keim:

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