How Campbell ranks over last 3 years

This post is neither to defend or attack JC. This just shows his numbers over the past 3 seasons, and how he compared with the rest of the NFL QB's.  There are some things to take into consideration when looking at these numbers: First, 2007 was his first full year as a starter. Second, he had 2 different HC's and 2 different coordinators during this span.  Third, he was sacked an average of 33 times over the 3 year span, which was 8th most in the league. This stat can be read one of 3 ways: 1.) he was behind a poreous o-line. 2.) he was a poor descision maker. 3.) a combination of both.  I will tend to go with option 3, but an arguement can especially be made for option 1 this season.

Sacks - avg 33.6 - (8th most)

Passing Yds - avg 3150 - 16th

Comp % - avg 62.2 - 16th

TD's - avg 15 - 19th

Int's - avg 11 - 18th

QB rating - avg 82.3 - 18th

There are two things that stand out about these numbers:

1.) When looking at individule seasons, his numbers in all catagories improved every season, with the exception of interceptions in 2009. Also, his sack total rose each year, yet he still put up better numbers.  Are the improvements a result of the natural maturation process a QB normally goes through during his first 3 years as a starter, or are they showing he is really starting to just "get it".

2.) In these 3 years, he has never been "above average" in any catagory when looking at his overall 3 year average. I look at "above average being above 16th in the league, and "below average" as being below 16th in the league. If you look at "just numbers", you would have to reason that he would be considered a "below average" QB.


I also wanted to take a look at a QB comparison that I feel has some relavance. Both Campbell and Aaron Rodgers were selected in the 1st round of the 2005 season. Rodgers went 24th and Campbell went 25th. Both are in their 5th season in the league. Both have had to wait their turn to start. Rodgers first season as a starter was in 2008, while JC was given his opportunity in 2007.  Both have undergone Head Coaching coaching changes during their 5 years in the league, and both have had to learn new offensive systems. Both have been behind bad o-lines, none worse than the packers this year which gave up 50 sacks through 15 games. Here is a 2 year comparison of both QB's:

Packers 2008 - (4th year under Mike McCarthy) 6-10     Packers 2009 - 10-5

Redskins 2008 - (1st year under Jim Zorn) 8-8     Redskins 2009 - 4-11


2 Year Averages: (average NFL rating of all QB's in per.)

                                Avg yds     Avg TD     Avg Int     Comp%       Rating     Sacks

Rodgers                4220(4th)  28.5(3rd)   10(18th)  63.8(10th)   98.1(5th)   42(4th)

JC                          3373(16th)  16(20th)   11(19th)  63.3(12th)   84.7(18th) 40(5th)


Interesting note that Rodgers has been sacked more times that JC over these 2 years, yet his numbers are much better across the board in every statistical catagory. He averages nearly 1000 more yards per season, and over 10 more TD's with less int's than JC.  McCarthy does however have 2 more years as a HC than Zorn, so this also must be factored in. He has Driver and Jennings. One is old, one is young. We have Moss and Thomas/Kelly. One is old, the others young.  We have Cooley who is one of the best in the game. They have TE by committy.  Both teams have defenses that rank in the top half of the league.


IMO, this is what seperates winning teams from loosing teams.

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